Device Templates

These are templates for use with Paddy. The site is somewhat preliminary and needs to cleaned up, but the templates work

IPAD  Library/Development template 

Load into Touch OSC  
  Keywording template

Load into touch OSC  

All in one template

Load into TouchSOC 
Novation Nocturn Novation - 3 Pages

(This map keeps the page LEDs as indicators)

Load into Automap 4 and set to "default"
  Novation - 13 Pages

The maximum number of pages. This can get confusing as the Novation doesn't send any message when the user changes pages, so you have to keep track where you are

Load into Automap 4 and set to "default"
Paddy mapping file 1

Contains some standard mappings for the Novation
Copy this file into the following directory to start with some initial settings:
C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Paddy\Settings