Paddy Registration

[ this policy will go into effect with Paddy 4.2, sometime December 2012}

Note: This policy was essentially copied from Jeffrey Friedl. Read more on his great work at, and more on his policy at . I copied quite a bit from his policy in the text below as it is hard to say it more clearly that Jeff does.

Five line summary of the below
  • You will need to register Paddy after 50 days by donating through a PayPal account or a credit card via PayPal
  • The minimum donation is  1 cent (though I would like you to consider something appropriate)
  • After your payPal payment, you will receive two emails: One from PayPal, and form me with the registration code (you need to be online for the process but not afterwards)
  • You can register 2 PCs max per PayPal registration code
  • If you do not have a PayPal or credit card account, or you administer many computers (e.g., in a school or a large business), contact me and I will take care of you so you don't have a big hassle.
Use this link or the links provided in Paddy

Paddy is open source. Anybody can get the source code and try to run Paddy from it. I won't say it is easy, but it is doable (and I will provide more documentation in the future on how to do this for the geeks among us). Paddy was free for several years now, and I liked it that way. However, Paddy takes a lot of time to work on. I have traced bugs for hours, and every Lightroom change requires several days of investment to make Paddy work again. Moreover, I invested in hardware and software I would otherwise not have bought.  On the other hand, Paddy can save Photographers hundreds of hours of work, depending on workflow and number of pictures per week. Alternatives to Paddy costs hundreds of Dollars. The cost/benefit balance didn't seem right any more, as I have most of the cost in time and real Dollars. 

So Paddy is now mandatory registration with a 1 cent donation minimum. Essentially, I would like to encourage reasonable donations. As a guideline, I would like you to consider that some wedding photographers have donated sums that are equivalent to a reasonably important packaged software. Think about how much Paddy saves you. If none, stick with the one cent. If significant, donate appropriately.

50 days to play
Paddy will work for 50 days without any registration. You will get a pop-up remimder at each start of Paddy, though. After 50 days, you will have to register for Paddy to work. You can do it for 1 cent via PayPal (not that I will see that - anything up to about $1 goes to Paypal), but it would be nice if at that point, you asked yourself how much you would pay for a software with this functionality if it was a commercial solution.  

How it Works
You can register Paddy by making a payment of at least $0.01 (or your local minimum) using PayPal.You will receive a registration code minutes after the Paypal payment via email. If this doesn't happen, let me know.

You do not need a PayPal account: if you don't have one, you can pay through PayPal using a credit card.

If you choose to make a payment of $0.01 (or whatever minimum PayPal allows for your currency), PayPal takes that as a fee and I receive nothing, and that's perfectly acceptable. If you choose to make a larger payment, PayPal takes its fees off the top – at least the first fifty cents or so – and what remains goes to me.

Important Details

If you don't have a PayPal account and don't have a credit card, you won't be able to register Paddy in this way. Send me a note and I'll take care of you. Not a problem, please reach out 

You can at the moment register two computers with each registration ID. When you upgrade computers, you will need to donate another cent to get a new ID. Given that you just bought a new computer, I hope that's acceptable. If you administer Lightroom on a bunch of computers (e.g. at a school or large business), send me a note (dorfl68 [at] and I will get you a series of registration codes. If you are indeed a large business, a large donation would be nice, though (one can dream, right?).

Also, you are not purchasing anything or any rights when you register the plugin. I give no guarantees other than the registration code will work to remove the limitations of the copy you have, for the version of Lightroom you have. I reserve the right to stop Paddy development, and bugs might not be resolved the minute I receive the report (although I think I have a record of trying hard and being fast)