IPAD for Lightroom, Key mapping, external keyboards, midi controllers, macros, scripting for Lightroom
Paddy is Donationware, please donate below so we can keep going
(Paddy is Windows only. On MAC, try Knobroom at http://www.knobroom.com/)

(I am working on Paddy for LR CC. Please be patient. This will take a few weeks)

Adobe Lightrom is missing the ability to map keys as the user likes. PADDY solves that problem, and speeds up your workflow.

 "Your software is great,  I use it with the BCF200 and it saves me at least 50% in editing time!"
   A wedding photographer

Paddy is Donationware. You have to donate at least 1 cent to use Paddy after the 50 day trial period

Example for Function mapping to keys

Midi controller fast editing

Paddy brings you
  • Editing pictures in Lightroom with iPad
  • Keyboard Hotkey access to all development sliders and most Lightroom functionality
  • Hotkey application of Development presets in Library and Develop module
  • Midi controllers - use physical Faders and rotary encoders to move Lightroom sliders (video here)
  • Midi instruments - use a keyboard to move sliders (video here)
  • Voice recognition and tagging for Lightroom
  • Relative Presets for all important sliders ("increase temperature by 1000")
  • Macros
  • Support for external keyboards, including the Logitech G13, the 58 keys Xkeys professional, XK-60 and XK-80 keyboards used by many commercial solutions. 
  • if you can map keys to your USB additional keyboard, Paddy can pick it up

Have a look at the user guide here

 (This is a module directory. Installation instructions are here)

You will need to register Paddy after 50 days of use via a minimum donation of 1 cent on PayPal. See here for details

What is Paddy?

Paddy radically improves the workflow in Lightroom  by allowing you to assign any adjustment setting - including moving the sliders and applying a preset - to keyboard keys, your number keypad, external keypads,  a MIDI controller or a MIDI keyboard. This gives you all editing (and some other) tools of Lightroom at the push of one button. You do not need the mouse any more to get to presets or to adjust the sliders. Paddy also has a full scripting engine for most functions in Lightroom.

Paddy supports several external keyboards natively, including the Xkey Professional 58 key external keyboard used in some expensive commercial solutions. Paddy also supports the Behringer BCF200 and BCR2000 Midi controllers natively, and any other Midi controller if you are willing to work a bit. You can also map Lightroom functions to notes and chords on a Midi keyboard.

Paddy is free (the hardware is not, obviously) but requires a 1 cent donation on PayPal after 50 days of use to register.

How does Paddy work?

A more detailed instruction is in the Wiki (link above left). Paddy was written in AutoHotKey, which allows to intercept keystrokes from keyboard and execute certain actions. You configure the keys you want to perform certain actions, and that's it. Windows only, unfortunately, since AHK is windows only.

What functions are implemented at the moment?

Better to ask what are not.  In essence, if it's something you do in the develop module, you can map it and script it, including moving the sliders.  You can map presets, and even add  your own macros. Paddy brings you Development Brush Presets (including size of the brush) and Relative Presets that move sliders a specific amount (as opposed to a target setting). In addition, some functionality was programmed to speed up editing, like
  •  Copy all settings without dialog
  •  Copy the same settings that you copied last time, without dialog
  •  select tone curve types
  •  switch on Lens correction and set to Auto
and many  others.

Paddy is for Development work and does not map anything in the print, web, and slideshow modules. In addition, I did not (yet) implement anything for keywording - you need to use your keyboard there anyways for new keywords, and the old ones are easily accessible with keystrokes


Paddy's functions - including moving LR sliders - can be mapped to 127 CC commands from a MIDI controller. Get a $100 (used) Midi controller and connect the physical world to your digital picture editing workflow in a whole new way. Video of the experimental version is here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQXXQbRlU4I. This is fully implemented and working now.


  • Windows only 
  • Paddy doesn't like other programs that intercept keystrokes and/or shift/CTRL/ALT keys (like Texter or Windows shortcuts in the language bar)

How to start

Download the installer, which installs all necessary files and the LR plugin. Start the LR plugin. Experiment or read the user guide on the Wiki.

First time running/Configuring/user guide

Please go to the Wiki here. Discussions on the the bulletin board here

Bug reporting and suggestions

Please go to the bulletin board here

Who wrote Paddy?

The original version is by Dorfl. That's not my real name, obviously. If you want to know where the name comes from, read Terry Pratchett. A small script by Gordon McKinney inspired me to do this. 

Since I  started, we got a great core community of developers going


This is a hobby . I am not a professional software developer, nor am I a professional photographer. Paddy is licensed under CC BSD , which means it comes with no guarantees that it works or be maintained, for bugfix, and upgrades. Whether Paddy will work in future versions of Lightroom depends largely on whether I buy them. If you are a professional whose business depends on some LR workflow solution, you might want to consider a professional solution with guaranteed support, training etc. There are great products out there that I admire and that also support Photoshop and other software, plus Apple as a platform - none of which I will ever do as far as I can tell at this point.

Paddy is a third party product for use with Adobe Lightroom.

Adobe, the Adobe logo, Lightroom and Photoshop are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

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Lightroom sliders on IPAD!

Paddy assigns sliders to a BCF2000 Midi controller

Paddy assigns keys to the XKeys keyboard

User can assign camera Profiles to keys

Mapping the keyboard

Developing  a script for LR

Mapping the Genovation 682 External keyboard

Mapping any key to any Function

Define additional macros and map them to hotkeys