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Faculty and Staff

To find a staff-member quickly, sort a column based on the information you know. 

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Alechnowicz, Sarah  Math Intervention Tutor alechnsa@SPSD.org  
Allen, Jess Special Education Educational Technician allenje@spsd.org  
Altham, Corinne Librarian althamco@spsd.org Small School Digital Learning Commons 
Blatt, Michael Tyler Special Education Educational Technician blattmi@SPSD.org  
Bourassa, Stephanie Special Education Educational Technician bourasst@SPSD.org  
Brier, Amy Educational Technician brieram@spsd.org  
Carleton, Lisa Special Education Teacher c2@spsd.org  
Cavallaro, Amy Special Education Educational Technician CavallAm@spsd.org  
Clark, William Custodian   
Cloutier, Anna Fifth Grade Teacher cloutian@spsd.org  
Coates, Nina Fourth Grade Teacher coatesni@spsd.org  
Conley III, Philip  Physical Education Teacher ConleyP@spsd.org  
Coutu, Nicole Special Educator coutuni@spsd.org  
Cyr, Kirsten School Social Worker cyrki@spsd.org  
Dadmun, Rebecca First Grade Teacher dadmunre@spsd.org  
DeGeorge, Leslie Art Teacher DegeorLe@spsd.org  
DiCenso, Alice Food Service Specialist DiCensAl@spsd.org  
Donaldson, Kristen Fourth Grade Teacher donaldkr@spsd.org  
Drew, Neal Occupational Therapist drewne@spsd.org  
Ernst, Andrea  Special Education Educational Technician ernstan@spsd.org  
Estes, Sarah Educational Technician estessa@spsd.org  
Farrell, Cait Sweetser Counselor CFarrell@sweetser.org  
Ferguson, Steve School Psychologist fergusst@spsd.org  
Ferrante, Dana Custodial Foreman FerranDa@spsd.org  
Flaxman, Rachel First Grade Teacher flaxmara@spsd.org Mrs. Flaxman's Class Blog 
Fletcher, Jennifer Band Teacher fletchje@SPSD.org  
Fleury, Bradley Technology Educational Technician fleurybr@spsd.org  
Follansbee, Betsy K-5 Literacy Specialist follanbe@spsd.org  
Fosler, Grace Special Education Educational Technician foslergr@SPSD.org  
Frabotta, Elizabeth  Front Office Clerk frabotel@SPSD.org  
Gay, Sarah Teacher of the Academically Gifted gaysa@spsd.org  
Goodall, Kristin Music Teacher goodalkr@SPSD.org  
Grady, Shannon Third Grade Teacher gradysh@spsd.org Mrs. Grady's Class Blog 
Grant, Paula  Front Office Clerk grantpa@spsd.org  
Groves, Sara Library Educational Technician smg@spsdme.org  
Guillerault, Mary First Grade Teacher guillema@SPSD.org  
Hodge, Dawn  Special Educator hodgeda@SPSD.org  
Hoyt, Chris  Special Education Educational Technician hoytch@spsd.org  
Johnson, Chelsey Third Grade Teacher johnsonch@SPSD.org  
Lang, Diane Principal langdi@spsd.org  
Lucier, Courtney Special Educator lucierco@spsd.org  
Magnuson, Judy Speech and Language Clinician MagnusJu@spsd.org  
Maheu, Leo  Fourth Grade Teacher maheule@spsd.org  
Martin, Justin Custodian   
McKeown, Lynne Second Grade Teacher  mckeowly@SPSD.org  
Morin, Chad School Nurse morincha@SPSD.org  
O’Neil, Megan Guidance Counselor oneillme@SPSD.org  
O'Riordon, Sharon Educational Technician ORiordSh@spsd.org  
Ortengren, Jamie Special Education Educational Technician OrtengJa@spsd.org  
Ortiz, Kristin Second Grade Teacher ortizkr@spsd.org Mrs. Ortiz's Class Blog 
Osann, Rosemary Music Teacher osannro@spsd.org  
Pascale, Katherine  Educational Technician pascalka@SPSD.org  
Perkins, Lynn Behavior Strategist perkinly@spsd.org  
Pike, Sarah Math and Literacy Coach pikesa@spsd.org  
Plourde, Dorson Art Teacher plourddo@spsd.org Mr. Plourde's Elementary Art Blog 
Rasco, Carey Special Education Educational Technician rascoca@SPSD.org  
Richards, Maureen Fifth Grade Teacher richarma@spsd.org Mrs. Richard's Website 
Roberts, Briana Physical Education Teacher robertbr@spsd.org  
Skowronski, Lucas Special Education Educational Technician skowrolu@SPSD.org  
Smith, Michael Special Education Educational Technician smithmic@SPSD.org  
Tracy, Mary Jane Special Education Technician  TracyMa@spsd.org  
Wells, Kristin ELL Teacher wellskr@spsd.org  
Wells, Lynn Educational Technician WellsLy@spsd.org  
Williamson, Karen Kindergarten Teacher WilliaKa@spsd.org  
Wright, Emily Kindergarten Teacher wrightem@SPSD.org  Ms. Wright's Website 
Showing 65 items