The Door to Saturn

The Door To Saturn is a fan-made expansion for Arkham Horror. This expansion sends the investigators on dangerous expeditions to Antarctica, the Arabian desert, the Pacific ocean, and the planet Mars. The expansion doesn't really have anything to do with the planet Saturn; I just thought it was a good name.

This is a fan expansion, so you'll have to print the cards yourself.

The Door to Saturn (images & PDFs only, 20MB) >>
Just the printing sheets and the rulebooks. The easiest way, if you don't want the .eons.
The Door to Saturn (complete, 260MB) >>
The printing sheets and rulebooks, and the .eon files for Strange Eons.
Polish version of the expansion. Translation by Migoq_Aki.

The errata page lists all changes that have been made to cards since they were first uploaded, so you can check you've got the latest version.

Any questions: Email, or post on the BoardGameGeek forums.

Credits: I'm twl_corinthian. I also madeĀ the Cult of the Golden Scarab expansion. Both expansions were created using Chris Jennings' Strange Eons. All artwork in both expansions came from free online sources; if you see any of your artwork used on the cards or on this site and you'd like it removed, email me at the address above and I'll remove the images.

Also! I draw a webcomic called Yes Hive Overlord! It occasionally has Lovecraft-themed comics, though not very often.