Welcome to the temporary home of The Door to Canellin!

Image below is a portion of a work in progress by artist Barnaby Bagenda of the cover
                         art for The Door to Canellin.  All rights reserved.

Welcome to the current home of The Door to Canellin, the first book in the Gatehouse series by E.H. Jones.  No matter how you got here, whether it was from my blog, a web link, from my Kickstarter project page, or you just found me with a search engine, please have a look around.  

The Door to Canellin is a young adult fantasy novel, the first in a larger series titled, simply, Gatehouse.  The Door to Canellin follows a young hero, Wes, and his father, Ryan, as Wes discovers the mysteries of the Gatehouse and finds himself catapulted into a dangerous world of magic and sorcery, and Ryan struggles to find his son and bring him safely back to his own world.

The Door to Canellin will be released in spring of 2011, under my own imprint, OMO Publishing.  It will be available soon in trade paperback from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and will be available by April 20th in digital format for Kindle and Nook.  

The Door to Canellin has been made possible in part by backing from patrons at Kickstarter.com.  Without the help of these supporters, The Door to Canellin would have taken much longer to get to print, if it had made it at all. The funding available through Kickstarter has helped make all this possible!