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"Some things just didn't work out"

Two post-worthy songs, one of 'em a cover.

Ain't No Feeble Bastard

Tropical Robut Sex

For the first time ever, I bought a plugin - Reverence by Audio Damage. It is really nice, and probably will be the only reverb plugin my humble home studio will ever need. I strongly recommend it for electronic music of all kinds. I used Reverence to add a small amount of lushness to the very harsh second song above.

The Art of Renoise

So I have discovered a nice little sequencing program called renoise.

Plenty Happy Enough For Now

Reaper madness

Still learning the basics. I never realized how hard mixing is until recently. The software keeps getting better, update by update.

I Have You Now

Gathering My Troops

Some new songs

Inspired by a not-half-bad reunion show of the Germs (with ER starlet Shane West playing the role of Darby Crash), here are few songs. Lorna Doom is hot.

Tai guo fen (v2)


Hymn of the Ugly Goldtooth

Well, I haven't been able to find time to build much lately - I have a bunch of unfinished projects: two microphones, a circuitbent delay pedal, a homebrew compressor, another noisy synth, my 4W tube amp, a homebrew ring mod ... and probably some other things I can't remember right now. Almost all of them come close to being finished, but it seems like I rush off to start something new before I complete the old. Oh, well .... there are no deadlines for the OCD hobbyist.

Here's a wonderful instrumental by Kris in Atlanta, making use of the Ugly Goldtooth I built.

Hymn of the Ugly Goldtooth

New Songs

Demented, creepy, and weird. Just the way we like 'em:

SunCruz - a dirge about Jack Abramoff's favorite cruise line.

The Ethanol Song - a folksy ballad. And topical.

Found Dead Without His Hat - On the pacific island of Iguanoniteolhoqchuk, the little children will gather at sunset to dance around the fire, and the old men of the village laugh at the sun god as he retreats from the sky.

Hidden Camera - A little homage to Can. And sleep. And the island of Iguanoniteolhoqchuk.

Home Defense - Noisy remix of a parts. Not mixed well. Whatever.

Panopticondominium - The finest dementia Doorstop Laboratories has to offer.

Unfortunately, I don't think RealPlayer runs these files very well. Try Windows Media Player or Quicktime instead.


This one is done, I think.



I left the little bombticker home
When I got fired from the parking garage

Let's visit the new stomping grounds
Make the hurdy gurdy plead for its life

We'll re-join the neighborhood scotch
And knot another bow in your seat


I sent the little bombticker home
When I returned to the parking garage

The autos suffer mind control
We'll unchain their rubber feet

We'll re-join the neighborhood scotch
And Knot another bow in your seat

We'll re-join the neighborhood scotch
And Knot another bow in your seat

Some early shots at glory

You Wanna Be An Asshole

When I Get A Little Money