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A hundred years ago, the natural decay of a human corpse was vampirism or witchcraft, and little girls who spoke in tongues were possessed, not schizophrenic. The modern medical world continues to identify and treat the “supernatural” that made up our ancestors' nightmares.

Some things, however, even now defy category, medication, or logical explanation. History is filled with stories of people who hear a second voice in their minds, a voice not their own. In English, they named it an “Alter.” Unlike the kaleidoscopic hallucinations of a schizophrenic, this voice never multiplies and always identifies itself as a major character from fiction. The characters came from legend or history at first, then from fairy tales, and now novels, comics, television, movies. The Alters are characters that people know and love. 

Las Vegas, America’s Sin City, has drawn this generation of people with Alters together, shown them a mouldering hotel just off the Strip, and allowed each one a Door... Doors that lead to a world where the Alters can be themselves, and that open in ways science could never hope to explain.

Recent Cast List Additions

Alter SourceAlter NameAlter PBCharacter PBCharacter Name
Marvel Comics Bucky Barnes Sebastian Stan Maggie Q Mai Sheppard 
Avengers Captain America Chris Evans Elizabeth Henstridge Olive Thorne 
Chinese legend Hua Mulan Zhang Ziyi Christina Hendricks Shae O'Malley 
Inception Arthur Joseph Gordon-Levitt Yvonne Strahovski Valerie King 
Hulk Betty Ross Amanda Peet Sarah Jones Winnie O'Hara 
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