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Marvel Comics

General Marvel Comics setting, with the following exceptions/additions, organized by location. Feel free to add any exceptions or canon specific places under an appropriate location heading.


Defined as the Marvel Movieverse version of Asgard.
  • Bifrost - Rebuilt as of the end of May 2013
  • Royal Palace, the Citadel

New York City

Modern (2012) New York City. Setting is so far general Marvel Comics with specifics to be determined as they are written.
  • New York City, New York Boroughs:
    • Brooklyn
    • The Bronx
    • Manhattan
      • Avenger's Mansion (Bordering Central Park)
      • The Daily Bugle
      • Stark Tower
      • Chinatown Lab for Bruce Banner
    • Queens
      • Peter Parker's House
      • MJ's House
    • Staten Island
  • Westchester County
    • X-Mansion. (1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center)

Significant changes made to world in course of door's existence

For the most up-to-date information, view the Marvel Comics tag in the Doors community.
  • Asgard:
    1. The realm was being ruled by a man named Soren, head general of the Asgardian army, in the absence of the royal family. Loki killed him and assumed kingship, leaving Soren's frozen body in the throne room as a warning. The army now answers to his rule, fearful of what he might do to their families if they don't. There was no way for the army to travel between realms.
    2. Thor later returned to Asgard and reclaimed rule of the realm from his brother, removed the bodies in the throne room, and left Loki a message on the mirror in his room.
    3. Loki's reaction to this was to scorch and blast his chambers. They remain stained with smoke and blackened as if by fire, and all his significant belongings are gone.
    4. Following the abduction of Jane Foster, the Tesseract was returned to Asgard and there it remains.
    5. Using the Tesseract and with Loki's assistance, the Bifrost was rebuilt, but with unintended consequences for Loki. 
  • New York City:
    1. Loki 'attacked' Times Square by conjuring an illusion of an enormous monster, so terrifying and convincing that it drove some people to insanity, other to looting and raiding, and still others to attack each other for hiding places or trample one another in a stampede. The army, attacking the creature, also killed one civilian through friendly fire. The chaos resulted in roughly fifty deaths, and many more injuries and complete mental breakdowns. The creature itself did not cause any property damage, of course, since it was incorporeal, but the Army's artillery did. Loki was eventually driven off by the Avengers, and the bodies of the Jotunn guards he brought with him were taken away by SHIELD. Times Square is now being slowly repaired. Bullet holes can still be found in some of the sidewalks, and there are large potholes from artillery fire in the street that have been roped off and are being worked on by construction crews. Some of the surrounding theaters and store fronts are still in the process of being mended, broken glass replaced and shattered doors righted.