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Fairy Tales

The World

The fairy tale world is an amalgam place, and, much like fairy tales themselves, it is infinitely adaptable. On its surface, it appears as one would expect a world of fairy tales to be - lush forests, castles on high pinnacles, strange creatures lurking under bridges and atop spires of hardened cloud. But the landscape changes as one travels, revealing regions beyond just the European fairy tale landscape. There are vast swathes of bamboo, and snow-capped peaks where monasteries sprawl. There are sun-baked plains and deep hollows, drab moors and marshland that give way to a desert that seems to stretch forever, dotted with tent cities and bazaars.

It is the 'once upon a time' of every culture,
a patchwork land, sewn together from long histories and oral tradition, and as such seems to change constantly. Tyrannical rulers can warp the very land itself with their malevolent energies, and whole cities can appear or disappear overnight. When it comes down to it, whatever its denizens expect or need to be there will be there. Their homes, cities, and kingdoms will be there just as they expect them to, but they will border other lands, other tales.

And for those who come from modern worlds that reach the world of magic and old tales through doors and portals, their modern world is there too, just brushing up against the world of story, and accessible by all the same old ways they remember.

  • First and foremost, whatever your character expects to exist within the world will exist there. This breaks down in the following ways:
    • If your character comes from a traditional fairytale, all the places from home they expect to be there will exist within the world. So their castle and the town where they grew up, for instance, will be there, exactly as they were.
    • If your character is from a modern adaptation of a tale, their door will open onto a modern world that exists side by side with the fairy tale one, and also contains all the places they expect it to. If your character’s canon also contains a fairy tale world that can be accessed by portals, tunnels, etc., these same modes of transport will bring them to the fairy tale world that the traditional tales live in.



The main area of the Fairy Tale door is called the Homelands. All traditional tales have their homes here.

The Beast's Valley

    The Valley is actually a relatively small kingdom with the approximate geographical area and shape of California, sheltered by a mountain range on one side and a sea on the other side. To the south rolling hills give way to dangerous marshes, and on the northern end is an equally dangerous Black Forest, a thicket of overgrown moss and vines over the skeletons of burnt trees. 
    The kingdom was once green and prosperous, but the wicked queen Ravenna conquered it through guile and sorcery long ago. It is one of her former holdings (she has since vanished), and its life force sucked dry as a consequence--no crops grew in the barren soil until recently, when her influence was conquered by recent magic. Its people were nearly extinct, and their children's children have begun to return to their ancestral home. 
    The Beast's Castle is at the northern end, sunk deep into the Black Forest and nestled in the shadow of a small craggy mountain. It houses the Valley's King, known simply either as "The King" or "The Beast" depending on how respectful the speaker is feeling. The safest location in the abandoned land is probably The Village between mountains and sea not far from the Beast's Castle. 
    The Valley is extremely dangerous and not to be traversed lightly; packs of wolves twisted by the ravaged land are smarter and faster than your ordinary predators, and all manner of bizarre, ensorceled flora and fauna are waiting for the unwary traveler. 

The Beast's Castle

The  Witching Wood

  • Located in the Witching Wood, at the far North of the Homelands, the Witching Wood is a dangerous place. The "Weirds," as the witches were called during the war with the Adversary, took possession of the woods and made it their own. Now, with most of the witches killed during the war, the woods are mostly empty. But it is dotted with a few cottages, and residents of the Homelands looks for a spell can generally find one there, at their own peril.
  • The cottage belonging to Snow White's and Rose Red's mother can be found here.

Prince Charming's Castle

  • The castle is located just outside of the Witching Wood, a very drastic change from the darkness there to a large building originally made to be grandiose and impressive. After years of being abandoned by the Adversary, it's out of repair, but perhaps with time can be restored. It includes gardens, dead now due to the blizzard, battlements, high walls, torn flags of the family crest at the top, and resembles a typical medieval but whimsical castle. It is three days walk from the Beast's Valley. It roughly resembles this in appearance, although covered in snow and mostly deserted now.


  • Accessible via magical bridge from the center of the Homelands, Fabletown is a modern-day city in New York.
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  • Accessible from multiple points, Storybrooke is a modern-day town.
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