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No god-modding.

Your character might be a super-hardcore-awesome hero, but if he gets shot in the face, he is still going to die. Don't act for other characters unless you have explicit permission to do so. IC =/= OOC. OOC information you discover from profiles and other logs is never, ever to be used in IC situations. If you're not sure about whether or not something you are doing will be okay with the writer you're writing with, ask them. It will help you avoid a whole lot of trouble and a possible ban from the community.

Be an adult.

 If you can't be cordial to your fellow writers, just don't talk to them. Don’t talk about them to other players, either. Picking fights and petty name-calling will not be tolerated. 

Play nicely with others. On that note... 

Talk to the mods if you have an issue.

If you cannot work out an issue with another player, please contact the mods so we can help. Don't take it out onto the internet. Don't take it to an anon post. When you talk about the game elsewhere you represent it as a whole, and we won't tolerate general nastiness directed at anyone in the game regardless of where it's posted. We will immediately remove you from the game if we discover you are bashing people.

Just talk to us. In this way, we avoid drama while exponentially increasing the fun factor. 

Consistent quality.

This is not the place for your Mary Sue. Writing style and character representation are expected to be of consistent quality. Please re-read a post after you write it for typos and mistakes. We're not going to tear you to ribbons for a few mistakes, but if we see a pattern, we will contact you.

Do not delete posts.

Do not delete any post if it has content created by others on it; this includes any comments or a log created by two people together.  Deletions made in tandem with other players, to correct errors, are permitted.

We are a mature community.

We advise you not to apply if you cannot handle adult concepts, including swearing, violence, and sex.

You must be 18 or older to write in this community. No exceptions. If you are found to be under 18, you will be asked to leave. It's nothing personal, and we know there are a lot of awesome writers still in high school, but this is simply not a community for underage players for legal reasons. We do not discriminate against any race, religion, sexual orientation, or economic or political standing. Note that characters may do so, however.

Mature content goes behind a cut and a lock.

We allow, and even encourage, characters of varying sexual identities and orientations as well as associated storylines. All characters accepted are over 18; it is extremely likely that someone, somewhere, will have sex. Some writers prefer to “fade to black,” while others prefer explicit depictions; both options are equally acceptable. If it involves anything above an R rating, it should be behind a cut and locked to community-only.

No sexual situations involving minors in the community.

As a team, the moderators have decided that this issue is of questionable legality, so we're taking it off the table as one of the few things we do not allow in this community.

Activity and Hiatus

The first of every month you will be expected to comment to our Activity Check Post with a link for each of your characters. You have 72 hours to comment to the Activity Check Post, after which your character(s) will be removed from the game. We apologize for the small inconvenience, but it keeps the game active and manageable for the mod team. If your character is removed for activity, you have a two month waiting period before you may reapply with another. If we have more than two writers voice concerns about your absence in game between Activity Checks, we may contact you to discuss it.

If you do not think you will be available to write one log a month, you may email the mods with a Hiatus Notice, in which case we’ll give you a month’s grace period from the point of hiatus before we expect activity. To prevent absent writers from monopolizing sources, we can only allow two Notices per year. If you’ll only be absent for a short period (a week or so) you can simply inform your fellow players in the OOC community as a courtesy if you like. If you post on the communities, we will assume you are no longer on Hiatus.

Additional Guidelines

Where do I post / how does the network work?

The network includes three things:

1)  Doors

A main ‘world’ community where the following should be posted:
→ Journal entries (Public, Private, Locked)
→ Phone calls, Text, audio or video messages
→ Emails
→ Deliveries (mail, or packages)
→ Anything that could conceivably be heard/seen or commented on (Music playing in housing, accidents in the Marketplace, blood in a hallway). Note: Images, video and music always go behind a cut.

2)  DoorsLogs

A logs community.
→ Location for prose: logs/docs/narratives
→ Any face-to-face character interaction, even if they are short style, bracket logs.

3)  DoorsOOC

A discussion forum for the writers.
→ Intros, hiatus notices, plot requests for other players
→ Memes
→ Mod and plot announcements

4)  Individual character journals

Where things get posted that are not open to commenting/reaction:
→ Locked contact information
→ Housing descriptions
→ Profile & Storylines

What do other people see when my character posts on the public forums?

Your character (or Alter's) first name and last initial is listed on every post they make. For characters (or Alters) sharing a first name and last initial, a middle initial is also required. For Alters without a last name, only first name is required. Posts do not include full name, incarnation, location, or gender (e.g. John W).

Which icon should I use?

Use an icon of whoever is mentally in control for your journal posts/comments. If the Alter is controlling a character that is physically in Las Vegas, be sure to indicate as much in the post, so fellow writers know what name their character is seeing alongside the post.