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What are Alters?

Alters are versions of canon characters that gain their own consciousness and existence in the mind of a human being.

What sources are acceptable for Alters?

Alter sources must be characters from significant works of Literature, Stage, Film, Myth, Graphic Print Novel, or Television. Historic figures are permitted, as long as they are drawn from a fictionalized work.

What qualifies as a "significant work"?

We’re looking for a reason why this particular work or person is important/significant enough to merit an Alter. “Alter Significance” can range from historical relevance to acclaim on the page or screen.

Am I creating an original character at all?

Yes. You’re creating two separate entities: your character, a perfectly normal human being, and the Alter, a secondary consciousness in their mind. How much this Alter conflicts or does not conflict with your character is up to you.  For sample applications, click herehere and here.

How long has my character had an Alter?

Your character should have developed their Alter in the month before their introduction.

Does my character have to share traits/qualities with the Alter?

No. Some Alters will be very similar to the person they inhabit, while others will be vastly different. Some Alters may affect characters with their opinions and motivations. Some may not. We leave this entirely to you.

Can my character communicate with their Alter?

Some characters may be able to hear their Alters, while others may merely be influenced by/feel compulsions based on their Alter's desires without having any direct communication. This is also up to you to decide.

Do characters have to be the same age/gender as their Alter?

No. While the Alters themselves will be the same gender and age from the source text, your character does not need to match.

Are underage characters are allowed?

No. All characters must be 18, including Alters. Some Alters will need to be aged up, since this is an adult game and you will be playing both the Alter and your character at different points in play. For example, Shakespeare’s Juliet or Rowling’s Harry would, by necessity, be younger than 18 according to strict canon, but in this game, they can’t be.

Do characters have special abilities?

Your character is fully human, and they will have no abilities in normal game situations.

So I’m writing the Alter too?

Yes. In the course of play characters will be able to return to the world of their Alter’s source work, and to the worlds of other Alters. During that time, you will be playing the Alter themselves.

Do I need two PBs then?

That’s up to you. If your character and the Alter are the same age and gender, you can assume they are of similar appearance and use the same Played-By person for their image. Or, conversely, you can decide they look nothing alike and choose two different PBs. Characters that are of a different gender than their Alter will probably require two PBs. 

Are any types of characters prohibited?

If you think it’s too controversial, it probably is. This particularly applies to Alters of fictionalized political and religious figures. Characters from songs, web-comics not published by a major publishing house, and works of non-fiction are not permitted.