Door County Baha'i Activities

Let deeds, not words, be your adorning.  - Baha'u'llah 

Baha'is may not be numerous in the United States at the present time, compared to many other faiths, but they have been very influential.

In Door County our small community keeps very busy and active.

We meet in one another's homes. 

Here is a sampling of what we are doing presently:

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday for Devotions - readings from the Baha'i Scriptures as well as those of most all the major scriptures of the world's religions. 

We also participate in a regular event called the "Nineteen Day Feast".  This is a "spiritual" feast held every nineteen days. It consists of a devotional portion, a consultative portion and a social portion.  It is the bedrock of Baha'i activities, planning and community cohesiveness.

Please take a look at our calendar of events.

In addition to these regular events, there are 9 Holy Days in the Baha'i calendar, on which we hold special events and commemorations.

Baha'is also hold informal gatherings in their homes which we call "Firesides", so named from the informal chats the Franklin Roosevelt gave on the radio.  These are neither talks nor parties but a frank and friendly sharing of ideas and beliefs with our friends and neighbors.  These can be held on a spur of the moment basis.  If interested please call or send an email.  No funds are ever solicited at any events.  Only Baha'is contribute to their Faith, on a voluntary basis.

We hold regular study sessions referred to  as Deepenings, as well as a more structured study called a Study Circle.  Both are informal and open to the public and usually held in our homes.

Then there are service projects which we undertake from time to time as our schedules permit.  We also keep informed of like minded groups and their activities and support them as we can.

Baha'is elect all the members of their administrative bodies known as Spiritual Assemblies on a local and national level.  These members have no authority or status when not conviened in their meetings.  It is the Assembly and not its members which makes decisions, recommendations and plans.  Local and National elections are held in May.  In October we elect representatives in our region to go to the National election.

There are numerous major conferences held throughout the year around the world.  Wisconsin has one of the oldest and largest held in Green Lake, Wisconsin every fall. These feature many speakers from many backgrounds.  Having no clergy, we rely on many gifted and generous members to prepare challenging and exciting talks on a vast array of topics.  For more information see the links section.