Welcome to the Baha'is of

Door & Kewaunee Counties, WI

The Earth is but one country and all mankind it's citizens.  - Baha'u'llah 

Located in two of Wisconsin's most scenic and charming counties, the Baha'is of Door & Kewaunee Counties have been working for many years to put into action the teachings of unity and tolerance given to the world 160 years ago by the prophet Baha'u'llah.

These are among the most important of their beliefs:
  • There is one creator - which no name or definition can encompass, but which sustains and knows us all
  • There is only one religion - it has appeared throughout the ages and all over the world - though names differ the inner message is the same
  • There is only one human race, a diverse and beautiful family
  • There is only one planet, we must care for it 
  • The purpose of creation is to learn to know and love our Creator through the prophets and nature
  • Unity must be built on diversity - like flowers of a garden
  • World unity is the essence of this age and its goal
  • Men and women are equal and must receive equal respect, options & rights
  • All forms of prejudice are destructive and useless
  • True religion and science agree and must work together
  • Education must be available to all
  • Extremes of wealth and poverty will be abolished through laws & education
  • A world federation is destined to be established in this age
  • A common language, script and measurements must be established
  • Moderation in all things - but love