NEW BY-LAWS - Approved March 25 2009

Doolen/Fruitvale Neighborhood Association
Amended bylaws (originally adopted 20 August 2002)


    1. The membership of the Doolen/Fruitvale Neighborhood Association (hereinafter referred to as the             Association) shall be its residents, which includes homeowners and tenants, property owners and the businesses within the boundaries of the neighborhood. Those boundaries are:

North: Glenn Street (south side only)
South: Grant Road (north side only)
East: Palo Verde Avenue (west side only)
West: Country Club Road (east side only)

    2. Voting members shall have one (1) vote per street address in the Association neighborhood. In no instance will any voting member have more than one vote, even if that member owns more than one property within the Association.

In matters regarding assessments, only property owners will have the vote as is required by the City of Tucson.

During meetings wherein both residential property owners and their tenants are present, the property owner shall have one vote and the tenant shall have one vote.

Businesses within the boundaries of the Association will have one vote per street address/business name.

    3. Semi-annual dues of $2.00 shall be collected twice a year from all voting members (totaling $4.00 per annum). These dues may be collected at any meeting from any member who wishes to be an active/voting member of the Association.

    4. Membership shall NOT be denied on the basis of views or opinions contrary to the goals and purposes of the Association.


The Steering Committee of this Association shall be residents of the Association neighborhood. The Steering Committee shall comprise two co-chairs and committee leaders who shall serve in the capacity of secretary, treasurer, webmaster, and Butterfly Garden liaison. The Steering Committee members shall hold office for terms of one (1) year, or until their successors are elected at the Annual Meeting. The term of office shall commence at the close of the Annual Meeting.

The Steering Committee shall constitute the Board of Directors. All Steering Committee members will maintain compliance with the Association's bylaws.

    1. The co-chairs shall on behalf of the Association act as official spokespersons to outside persons and/or organizations. Co-chair 1 will serve as community liaison for the Association, coordinate the agenda for monthly meetings, send out monthly announcements to residents for whom the Association has email addresses, and facilitate monthly meetings. Co-chair 2 shall meet deadlines for mailing the monthly meeting notice/agenda, and work together with Co-chair 1 and the Steering Committee to address and resolve neighborhood and community concerns. In the absence of Co-chair 1, Co-chair 2 shall facilitate monthly meetings.

    2. The secretary shall record all proceedings of the Association meetings and any Board of Directors meetings. The secretary shall maintain an accurate record of attendees, be responsible for written minutes, to include the type of meeting, the time and place, business that was conducted, wording of any and all motions to include motion made by (person's name), motion seconded by (person's name), results of the vote, and time of adjournment.

The secretary shall have on hand at each meeting the Association bylaws and the written minutes of all previous meetings. All documents, records, and materials pertaining to the office of secretary shall be handed over to the new secretary at the end of the term of office. Copies of all meeting minutes for the Association & Board of Directors shall be provided to the Department of Community Services.

    3. The treasurer shall collect dues, if any; maintain the Association bank account, including balancing the checkbook, making deposits, and disbursing money as needed; present an up-to-date financial report at each meeting and a fiscal year-end report for auditing. One of the co-chairs shall be named on the Association bank account as well.

    4. The Butterfly Garden liaison shall oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the Sparkman Butterfly Garden and serve as liaison to Tucson Electric Power, the owner of the garden land.

    5. The webmaster shall update the Association web page, and maintain the Association listserv on Yahoo.

    6. Past Association presidents and co-chairs may participate as advisors to the Steering Committee.

    7. The Steering Committee shall have the power to appoint additional committees as necessary for successful operation of the Association.


An Annual Meeting shall be held during the month of April at a place and time designated by the Board of Directors. This date shall also serve as the beginning of the Association's fiscal year.

    1. The voting members in attendance shall constitute a quorum.

   2. Should there be less than five (5) voting members attending a meeting, it shall be deemed without a quorum, which means that no item may be brought to a vote.

   3. At least five (5) voting members may petition the Board to hold a special meeting at any time.

   4. Advance notice of at least three (3) days shall be provided for any emergency meeting. Advance notice of at least seven (7) days will be provided for any regular Association meeting. Every effort shall be made to notify the membership of any upcoming meeting.

    5. All meetings shall be open to the general public.


    1. Nominations of Steering Committee members shall be made at the Annual Meeting from the floor or through a slate presented from a nominating committee, previously appointed by the Board.

   2. Election of Steering Committee members shall be held at the Annual Meeting.

    3. The terms of the Steering Committee members shall begin at the close of the Annual Meeting. All documents, records, and materials pertaining to the duties of their offices as designated in the bylaws shall be submitted to the newly elected members within seven (7) days of installation.

    4. Any vacancies occurring during the year of any Steering Committee members shall be filled by appointment by the Board.

    5. Any Steering Committee member may be removed from office for cause by a simple majority vote of the voting members during a special meeting called and properly noticed for that purpose (Ref. Art. III, #3).


    1. Expenditure of funds of the Association may only be made with the authorization and signatures of the treasurer and/or one of the co-chairs (Ref. Art. II, #3).

    2. Financial records and funds of the Association shall be audited at least once a year by an audit committee of at least two (2) voting members appointed by the Steering Committee. An audit report shall be given at the Annual Meeting.

    3. No officer, representative, spokesperson, or member shall have any personal financial liability for the Association.


    1. Proposed amendments to the bylaws shall be submitted to both of the co-chairs in writing. To serve as proper notice, proposed amendments will be provided to the membership in writing in advance of a general meeting. This can be at a meeting or through a special mailing or with mailing of the next regular meeting announcement (Ref. Art. III, #4). A vote may be taken at the next regular meeting to accept or reject the proposed changes to the bylaws.

    2. Except as provided in the following paragraph (3), these bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the members.

    3. Any amendment to the bylaws that would change the boundaries of the Association or that would result in a merger with another Association requires approval of a 4/5 super majority vote of the members.


    1. This Association will not be dissolved without a 4/5 super majority vote of members present at a meeting called for that purpose.

    2. A merger with any other neighborhood Association will require a 4/5 super majority vote of members present at a meeting called for that purpose.

    3. A change of boundaries of the Association will require a 4/5 super majority vote of members present at a meeting called for that purpose.

Amended THIS 25th day of March, 2009.


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