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2015-Present    Editor, Investment Analysts Journal (SSCI, impact factor: 0.710)
2014-Present    Subject Editor, Emerging Markets Review (SSCIimpact factor: 1.871)
2015-Present    Subject Editor, Journal of Multinational Financial Management (SSCI accepted)
2015-2016         Lead Guest Editor, Advances in Mathematical Physics (SCI-E): Econophysics, Statistical Mechanics for Financial Applications, and Financial Mathematics

SSCI Journal Publication Metric (Finance & Economics)
Journal of Business Ethics (Impact Factor=2.917, Financial Times Top 50 Journals)
Journal of Banking and Finance (Impact Factor=1.931, SKKU A-list)
Emerging Markets Review (Impact Factor=1.871)
Pacific-Basin Finance Journal (Impact Factor=1.603)
International Review of Financial Analysis (Impact Factor=1.566)
Journal of Business Economics and Management (Impact Factor=1.503)
Journal of Futures Markets (Impact Factor=1.339, SKKU A-list)
International Review of Economics and Finance (Impact Factor=1.318)
Economic Systems (Impact Factor=1.261)
Asian Business and Management (Impact Factor=1.179SKKU A-list)
Quantitative Finance (Impact Factor=1.170)
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (Impact Factor=1.136)
North American Journal of Economics and Finance (Impact Factor=1.098)
Finance Research Letters (Impact Factor=1.085)
Economics Letters (Impact Factor=0.581)
Journal of Derivatives (Impact Factor=0.500)

Publication (SSCI-listed)
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Publication (KCI-listed)
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