Starting Japanese 
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Starting Japanese

Why learn Japanese?

In the beginning...

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Starting Japanese
Ready, set, go!

You're about to start climbing a mountain.

We're not talking about some mountain like Fuji-san where you go up, up, up and then arrive at the summit only to find a ramen shop there.

We're talking Everest.

Poor visibility, you feel all alone and it's oh so easy to give up.

The only difference with the mountain that is mastering Japanese and Mount Everest is that you never get to the top.

I'm serious.

We're talking never.

Never.  Ever.

Maybe you think it'll be different for you.  Let me assure then that it won't.


Why?  Because you never stop learning a language.

If you're looking for that oasis called "fluency", if you think there's some end point where people will clap and cheer and pin a badge to your shirt saying "bilingual", then you're deceiving yourself.

You'll never get to the top of that mountain.

So what do you do?


Learn to love climbing.