Liz, Ripley, Zack and Codey

1. A leather couch really is the only way to go when you have dogs. 
2. Bare minerals is the best make-up ever. 
3. There are no silly looking plastic pigs to be found in the state of RI. 
4. Zoomies are normal. 
5. I need a new camera.


1. That I really don't have as much of a life as I thought I did :-) 
2. That you can you use Monistat for ear infections 
3. That I can apparently misspell my name a dozen different ways (that's hard to do with 4 letters) 
4. That a very eclectic group of people can have a lot of fun if they own doodles 
5. That there are WAY more people with pierced body parts on this forum than I ever would've guessed

Nancy (Lexi & Piper)

Having 2 or more doodles to love is the best!!

Michele, Daisy & Kozmo

1. That I too, need a new camera 
2. Bull Penises are actually delectible 
3. I can seek advice here on ANY topic 
4. Zooids are talented and creative 
5. That the Zooids have the biggest hearts

dmc & Fizz

1. Nippled Pigs are now a national issue. 
2. Green beans, pumpkin and apple cider vinegar are good for doodles, but make a horrible salad when mixed together. (don't ask, LOL!) 
3. You are sure to get a great laugh at The Doodle Zoo every day! 
4. The most powerful prayers are sent and received here as well...and miracles continue to awe me!


1. Les Pooch Brushes are the best.
2. Dog Listener... need I say more? 
3. Crocs are one of the most comfortable pieces of footwear ever!! 
4. I can get by with 6 hours or less of sleep a night! 
5. I like people I have never met in person than the people who I've known most of my life! (With the execptions of the Zoo members that I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting in person!) 
6. While a honkin' big camera is nice for some pictures, I miss having a pocket sized camera to have with me at all times!

Nancy P

1. You can make your own ear cleaner and it's cheaper and better than than the ones you buy.
2. Doodle people are always there for you with a shoulder ready to lean on and an ear ready to listen.
3. They have great tips on how to correct puppy problems.
4. They would help any doodle in trouble regardless of location and distance.
5. You can add lemon juice to dog water to keep the light colored doodle beards cleaner.


1. No matter where we live we have so much in common. 
2. That no matter how much we doodle talk no one says again with the dog talk. 
3. That I eat my heart out everytime I see another puppy. 
4. Some of us have DH that feel one dog is enough even though we do all the work. 
5. We all have similair likes & dislikes. 
6. We truly are Doodle lovers. 
7. We look forward to chatting just for the fun of it. 
8. This is truly an amazing group of ladies & gents.


1. That we are NOT crazy for having 3 dogs. 
2. That after 2, one more isn't a big deal. (this is my opinion only. Dean may disagree. LOL)  
3. That there are other people who are even worse dog freaks than us! 
4. Zooers know EVERYTHING! 
5. Only zooers can see the humor in sparkly poop. 
6. We need a new camera. 
7, We need a red doodle. Won't get one, but we need one anyway. 
8, A remedy for everything.  
9. Doodles are the most beautiful dogs on earth! 
10. Every event is life is reason to post on the zoo!

Maureen and Lily

You can lose weight on the zoo!

Thanks to the Doodle Diet. And... 
2. Zooers are the BEST cooks with amazing recipes. 
3. Dremels work unless you are dremel challanged like I am. 
4. It's more fun on the zoo than cleaning with a Dyson. 
5. One doodle is NOT enough. 
6. Wine. It's a good thing.

Bridget, Summer, and Duke

Things I have learned from the zoo: 
My #1 is that there are some things about my life that only doodle people can truly understand and appreciate!  
#2- Thoughts and prayers from the zoo work WONDERS 
#3- Friendship can come from people that you have never met. 
#4- I'm not the only one that spends large amounts of money on penises (I mean bully sticks, of course!) 
#5- From home appraisals to recipes, vaccuums to furniture, at least one person on the zoo has an answer to any question  
#6- People really to succumb to peer pressure and fads. Les Pooch and latex pigs, need I say more? 
#7- Oh yeah, I need a new camera too. And probably hours after I buy a new one, someone will post another camera that I must have.

Theresa at Cedar Hill

What I've learned from the zoo: 
1. Doodles can look like bobbleheads if improperly clipped 
2. Archie and Bruno are the most photogenic doodles around (AND I need whatever kind of camera Carol has!) 
3. There's always a smile to be found when reading the zoo 
4. People of all types, all walks of life, from all over the world, agree that Doodles Rule!


1. Good to know I'm not alone, you guys are crazy, too 
2. Buy shares in Canon Rebel stocks 
3. Never piss off Amy 
4. I have friends from around the world 
5. When Beth speaks, listen 
6. Doro should go stand-up 
7. Katg is a Diva 
8. Dawn likes to hump 
9. Kendra has the best dood hair 
10. Su2 and Babs(HI) are quality people - would never have met them without the Zoo 
11. Breeders are people, too 
12. Republicans aren't all that bad


I also learned how to organize my life and keep my house.

neat when someone asked about cleaning a sink and someone responded "flylady"


Even though I don't post much...I am addicted! (nm)


ive learned that

1. if sher is involved in a post i will most likely be humming the rest of the day 
2. that even tho breeders post innocently that non breeders think we are cruel 
3. That opening up most any picture will cure the blues 
4. That Cara secretly wants me to hump her leg 
5. That the most talented people are right here on the zoo! 
6. That you wont find a more giving group than the ones that belong to this nut house called te zoo!

Sue G. and Doc

1. That Doc really is my Mentor. 
2. That loving dogs is not an self-inflicted curse. 
3. That there are some really very funny people out there. 
4. That insanity is just a click away...but I'm loving it. 
5. That certain dog foods make some dogs fart real bad. 
6. I've learned that if I'm lonely there are many out there I can annoy. 
7. That the Zoo is a good excuse for not making dinner. 
8 I've also learned that people don't need a psychiatrist all they need is a good Doodle and a good laugh. 
9. I've learned that you don't have to meet someone to be a good friend.  
10 and that the Zoo is the best website in cyberspace.

Madonna & Euro

1. My dood loves my moms Depends and her used kleenexes. 
2. I have learned that I have a stronger stomach than I thought (read post #1). 
3. I have learned that doods can walk on 2 legs

Jane S

1. Educating the public about Bully sticks is highly entertaining. 
2. Crocs rule 
3. Cat poop is like potato chips to dogs. 
4. Although it is a waste of time advertising puppies on the Zoo, it is fun. 
5. Who else would understand if I had to yell this while out in the back yard: "Hey, quit peeing on your sister!"? 
Imagine if we had this thread over at the breeders forum. omg that would be x-rated.

linda k

the zoo has taught me how to spend money...

Bare Minerals Starter Kit: $60.00 
Dyson Vacuum: $500.00 
SpotBot: $129.00 
Toys, bullysticks, pigs, chickens,etc: incalcuable 
My 2nd doodle, Bailey: Priceless!!! 
Zooers are the most amazing group of people. Love you guys!


1. Most important) NEVER drink your coffee WHILE reading the zoo in the morning. 
2. Computer screens and keyboards are more resiliant to liqueds than you think (see #1) 
3. The only person who does more laundry than me is Jack. 
4. The zoo is a great place to share your happiness 
5. The zoo is a great place to share your sorrows 
6. Doodle owners are nicer than your average person 
7. Anything that is Fritzed by Davis is gorgeous 
8. Zoo leads to chat, chat leads to laughter and late nights 
9. Wine (and other adult beverages) is best shared with other zooers 
10. Do NOT drink wine WHILE reading the zoo at night

Cindy in NH (Oscar)

Well...here's my list

1. Doodles come in so many colors that it's hard to like just one! 
2. The Zooers are a fun bunch of people from all walks of life and allow some of us to be a little nutty at times! 
3. We are willing to travel GREAT distances to save or transport a doodle that needs a new home..(Zoey and Chewie! Yeah Tom) 
4. There are some gorgeous houses, kids, ponds and various other attributes in our world.  
5. Some of the Zooers love to travel and share their stories and adventures with us. Thank you! 
6. Funny Funny Funny! I think the Zooers have the funniest people and sense of humors around. Laughing is the only way to get through the pangs of daily life.  

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