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Working with Charcoal Portraits is a good introduction to intermediate art activities.

1. I suggest you start with portraits drawn from photographs. The type of photograph you choose will have a great deal to do with the outcome of your charcoal work.
2. How to find photographs to work from.
        Google Search with a click on images will    lead to a host of photos you can work with.
3. Check this video on how to begin.

YouTube Video

Now you know what your goal will be in your first charcoal portrait. You begin by practicing with the materials you will use. Gaining familiarity with your paper and media is important before you start.
1. Watch this Video on the use of charcoal and shading technique.

YouTube Video

The Process of creating a drawing
Part of the process of creating a good drawing is the world of art is reviled in this video.
Most artists spend more time studying and comparing their work to the source than they spend actually drawing.

YouTube Video

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