The Story

Part I: Dreams 


Don't Settle ironically opens with an original fairy tale. After presenting his "ideal playmate" sketches to the Toymaker, a wooden puppet learns that the Artisan has a much better plan in mind. This fairy tale sets up the overall theme of the book and foreshadows Jason and Katie's romantic struggles.

 Part II: Ideals


Drawing from family backgrounds, Christian principles, and popular media, Jason and Katie start sketching their romantic ideals. In high school, Jason falls for a quiet woman from his church and starts journaling about his romantic future with her.


Meanwhile, Katie constructs her own sieve of standards for Prince Charming and falls for many guys through middle school and high school. She later meets Jason at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Katie is in love. Jason is clueless.

Part III: Pursuit

Katie and Jason’s friendship develops through years of interesting interactions. At first, Katie struggles to interpret Jason’s behavior. But she later finds "the man of her dreams" at college. Meanwhile, Jason pursues another godly woman but still keeps in touch with Katie. 

Part IV: Together


When the embers of her attraction to Jason spark to life once again, Katie wonders whether she should stamp them out or fan the flames. Challenged by the contrasting Biblical stories of Sarah and Rebekah, Katie asks God to motivate Jason to define their relationship within three days. 

Although Jason ordinarily takes time to pray, study, and consult wise people before making important decisions, God prompts him to ask Katie to pursue the possibility of marriage on Day 3. Part IV includes several stories of Jason and Katie's dating adventures and the award-winning engagement story. 

Part V: Purity


Part V begins with a parable of a thirsty man in a desert who, unable to get water from a town bar, finally finds refreshment in a pristine pool. This story sets up a discussion of sex and purity as Katie and Jason describe their struggles in longing for intimacy and waiting for marriage. This section also shares Jason’s prayerful battle with (and victory over) his addiction to masturbation. 

Part VI: Confirmation

When challenged by a tearful conversation with her mother, Katie second-guesses her decision to marry Jason and nearly calls off the wedding. But God reminds her that her relationship with Jason truly fits His Master Story