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Romantic Date Ideas

  1. What is her favorite kind of  dessert? Buy it in several different brands and let her test them all to find her absolute fave!
  2. Write a note or card explaining all the reasons why you admire and respect him. Give concrete examples of each one, and leave it where he's sure to find it: on his door, steering wheel, desk, or favorite cereal box.
  3.  Read your favorite book or play out loud in a book store or park!
  4. Find a new recipe. Go on a shopping trip to gather the ingredients and cook the meal together. If she doesn't like roses, buy her favorite flowers and give them on a random day - not just on Valentine's Day!
  5. For a longer bloom, buy and paint small pots with fun quotes. Add soil and seeds of her favorite flowers. Put them on a window sill and watch them grow!
  6. Have a picnic in a new park you've never been to before. Doesn't have to be fancy. French bread, cheese, and fruit makes an easy meal!