About Us

Jason and Katie live in Chattanooga,Tennessee with their five Mitchell munchkins: Elijah, Selah, Caleb, Steward, and Aletheia. While Jason and Katie are so thankful to share a life together, they are even more thankful to both share a reliance upon Jesus' death and resurrection to make them right with God. From a young age, God convinced their hearts and consciences that no amount of church attendance, rule-following, charity-giving, or moral effort on their part would ever make them clean enough for heaven. And in His mercy, God wooed Katie and Jason into a living relationship with Him, His Son, and His Spirit. He revealed their sin and self-righteousness and their need for a Savior to die in their place.

Jason and Katie love and follow a God who bled. A God who died. A God who now lives again.
And this infinite, intimate God still works sovereignly through the details of their lives - even the romantic ones. 

Jason grew up in Annapolis, Maryland with his seven younger brothers and sisters. Yep. Seven. He got his B.A. in History and Philosophy at Covenant College and asked Katie to be his bride on June 21st, 2005. He married her six months later (the longest six months of his life) and now works as a paralegal/co-owner of a small business. Jason has published three articles, run more than a dozen marathons (including the Boston four times), has a passion for marginalized people, and makes a mean salmon cake.

Ever a lover of song and rhyme, Katie started playing with words as a child and never outgrew the habit. Her writing has appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Love is a Verb Devotional, Tea Time Magazine, HealthScope/CityScope Magazine, and two self-published books. Her infant son's hiccups and husband's use of the non-word, "hickerup" inspired her creation of "Dr. Hickerup: The Hiccup Healing Man" - the first book in the whimsical Up People series where everything is looking up! (www.theuppeople.com)

Katherine also graduated from Covenant College  with a B.A. in Sociology - but not until after she and Jason were married. When Katherine's not writing, she's doing everything else, and always enjoys a cuppa tea with her husband, girlfriends, or her Creator during the kids' nap time.  


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