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Welcome to my site about the Italian rental company Locauto - and why you should avoid using them at all costs.
I'll openly admit it now: I have created this site to dissuade others from renting vehicles from Locauto.  Why?  Because in February 2010 I rented a car from Locauto and ended up being stung with big bills - and then had to deal with their customer service.
My story, and the exchanges I had with Locauto's customer services, are all listed here.
If you have a question, drop me a line.

UPDATE 16th December 2012
Its becoming very apparent (look at the last update date!) that I really don't have the time i'd like to correspond with people about Locauto - what with marriage, business, and other commitments. 
The stories I am receiving are in the same vein ... excessive charges, noone on the desk, car is 'fine' messages followed by deposits being with held - so unless I get anything particularly unusual I am not going to seek the post the detail.

BUT I would still like people to get in contact to tell me about their troubles.  I am going to maintain a running tally here of contacts month by month so that future potential customers can be kept up to date with the way this particular business likes to operate.
UPDATE 30th October 2011

More emails from people who've had problems, as well as a clarification to make.  It turns out there is more than one car rental company called Locauto in the world - and they are not all associated.  This site is purely about the Italian company LocautoRent S.p.A.

All the stories have gone to the usual place.

UPDATE 3rd October 2011

Naughty Locauto! Naughty!

In the space of the last three days I have had THREE more emails about Locauto and their "special" ways of doing business.  They've all gone onto the People with similar stories page here
UPDATE 11th August 2011
A few new things today.  Firstly, I've had EIGHT emails in the last two months from dissatisfied Locauto customers - once I've been given permission by the senders, i'll get the details up.
Secondly, I've had my first foreign language email (glad I paid some attention to French in school!).  I'll get that posted too.
Thirdly, visits to the site are up more than 300% on last year - thanks Locauto for creating so many dissatisfied customers!  That's from 62 different countries too, which is pretty impressive.
AND FINALLY, I got engaged to my girlfriend at the end of July, which is the most important (although unrelated to Locauto) point of all!

UPDATE 7th May 2011
I've had a number of people get in contact with me about their experiences with Locauto - go here to read more!
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