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4/25/07 10:24 am

While there hasn't been much news lately on the restoration front, exciting things are happening in the strip itself. Anxious to find out more about Vera's troubled past, Mary essentially forced Vera to have dinner with her, at which point she discovered that Vera has fallen from wealth and that she no longer trusts men. Mary then goes to discuss this with Toby, and this discussion has lasted until today, when Vera returns to her apartment:

AUGGH! Assumedly, this is the hand of the cursed Von. This is just starting to get exciting...

4/10/07 2:18 pm

Big news in the comics world this week: BC creator and Wizard of Id co-creator Johnny Hart has passed away. The comics community mourns the loss of one of its all-time great cartoonists, who died of a stroke while at the drawing table this past Saturday. According to Creators Syndicate, both BC and Wizard of Id will continue to run, as his family members have an extensive archive of Hart's work and have been helping him write the strips. However, these strips in recent years have been very subpar. The jokes are nearly impossible to understand, and once understood are hardly funny at all. This is true especially of BC, whose punchlines are often derogatory to religious or ethnic groups (i.e. Jews, Muslims, African-Americans, Veterans). For a newspaper such as The Washington Post, this represents an appropriate time to respectfully retire these strips, and to replace them with better quality strips that are in higher demand among readers. Say, Mary Worth for instance...

4/2/07 12:57 pm

The Don't Cancel Mary Worth Coalition now has its own RSS feed! So, now you can keep up with news and updates through your RSS news reader. In other news, now that we have assembled a group of concerned citizens, we need to think of something to do to finally convince the Post to put back Mary Worth. Suggestions are welcome.

In the strip itself, Mary has invited Vera to the Charterstone pool party. At first, the heartache is too much for Vera to attend, but she changes her mind and shows up after all. However, she can only stay briefly, as she has "work to do".

3/28/07 2:45 pm

Mary Worth storyline update: Vera has moved in to Ella's old apartment. Mary is now having tea with Toby (with her pinky finger extended!) and talking about the new tenant. Mary notes that Vera has been subdued, and suspects that Vera is hiding something about a troubled past. In today's strip, it almost seems Mary has some sinister plan to find out just exactly what Vera is hiding...

3/26/07 2:39 pm

It seems the Washington Post is beginning to feel the pressure: In this past Sunday's Ombudsman column, Deborah Howell had the following to say:

Comic strips are like old friends, so Post editors don't decide to get rid of them lightly. After notices to readers, three strips were dropped this week -- "Broom Hilda," "Mary Worth" and "Cathy" -- and several new ones were introduced. About a thousand readers called or e-mailed, the vast majority asking for the return of one or more, though some cheered their demise.

Exact figures aren't available, but early returns suggest "Mary Worth" was most popular, followed by "Cathy" and "Broom Hilda." Two panels, "The Flying McCoys" and "The Other Coast" didn't cause much anguish.

All will be available on, but that doesn't always cut it with longtime readers, one of whom said in a voice mail: "Older readers enjoy them [the comics] and don't have access to the Internet."

A Web site has already gone up to campaign for "Mary Worth." The Comics Curmudgeon, Josh Fruhlinger on, makes fun of and loves comics and is pushing for her return. "The weird old soap operas (including Mary Worth) are my favorite target."

The DCMWC would like to thank everyone for their stupport, as the emails keep coming in on a daily basis. We can still make a difference!

In Mary Worth-related news, Vera has already moved in her new Charterstone apartment, eager to get away from her past troubles wtih Von.

3/21/07 6:45 pm

Big things are happening! The DCMWC web site has seen hundreds of hits in the past few hours. Membership is skyrocketing (relatively speaking). All of this goes to show just how important Mary Worth is to Washington Post readers. With this kind of power behind us, WE CAN make a difference and get Mary Worth back in the paper! Big thanks go to Comics Curmudgeon Joshua Fruhlinger for the plug on Wonkette. By turning hundreds of readers on to this site, you have made a tremendous step toward the restoration of Mary Worth to her former glory in the Washington Post. Together, the Coalition can make it happen!

In storyline-related news, Mary is currently showing Vera around Charterstone, after yesterday attempting to reach into her soul. More excitement to come!

3/19/07 9:49 am

It's official: Mary Worth is out of the paper. The Post has replaced it with Agnes as part of its slick new comics page. At least they got rid of Cathy and Broom Hilda while they were at it. For those looking to keep up with the current storyline, today's strip features Mary agreeing over the phone to show Ben the apartment vacated for Ella, so that Vera can move in. Vera is shown deeply troubled in her old apartment, which is dilapidated both in condition and in perspective. Curses upon you, Von!

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The Don't Cancel Mary Worth Coalition (aka The Mary Worth Anti-Cancellation Committee) is a group of concerned citizens advocating the return of Mary Worth to the comics page of The Washington Post. As of Monday, March 19th, The Washington Post has decided to stop publishing Mary Worth in its comics pages. One of the greatest serial comic strips of all time, Mary Worth is a great comic strip that should not be left out of any comics page, let alone that of one of America's greatest newspapers. This group is committed to ensuring that both Washingtonians and all Americans can get their daily dose of Mary Worth for years to come.

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