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Can I help you learn to draw? I taught Art in High School in the state of California for 33 years. Throughout that time I worked with more than 5,000 students. During the last years of teaching the art program I developed and taught  was awarded the honor of the Best Art Program by the National Association of Art Teachers.  I can honestly say that all the students I have taught learned to draw and more.  I have had a number of students who went on to become professional artists in the many professions in the art world of today.  Can we work together so you can learn to draw? My experience and belief is that I can teach you to draw etc. If you really want to learn. So let's start an adventure.

What is Art?
Art is a part of being human and being alive. My personal belief is built on many things. If you don't mind I like to share some of that with you here and during some of the art instruction. We have all asked ourselves  at different times what is life, why I'm I alive. Here is a beginning thought. You or I am sitting at the beach looking out over what's before us. We pick up a stick that happens to be lying next to us. With that stick you make some marks in the sand. And now some more marks. You look at the marks you have made, and realize that you were the one who made the marks. You must exist because you can influence the world around you. What  you have done in the sand is possibly what the first human artist did a long time ago. You have made your mark. Art is many things to many people, and they make many different kinds of marks.  
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This site will be developed over the next years. It will include Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and some Art History and a little Wooden Nickel Philosophy. The Beginning section will be similar to Art 1, Intermediate Art 2, Advanced, Art 3&4 at the high school level. This site was started in  December of 2009. Beginning classes will be developed first. Please feel free to email me at any time. Samples of your work as it relates to these classes can also be emailed for inclusion into a student Gallery.

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