About the Session

Pay It Forward Sessions Include:

  • Pay It Forward stories - personal, national, and international 
  • Usable ideas (click here for ideas of how you can Pay It Forward)
  • Original guitar music and singing
  • Activities that get the audience out of their seats
  • Interactive dialog & audience participation
  • Self reflection

If you are looking for an energetic and inspirational keynote speaker, look no further.  Keynotes can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I will work with you to tailor the keynote speech to fulfill your intended outcomes for the session.  I have been the keynote speaker for conferences, professional development days, and meetings for schools and universities, professional associations, businesses, and international organizations.  Pay It Forward keynote sessions are great for any type of group (e.g., leadership, service organizations, residential life, Greek Life, businesses).  Click here to see past sessions I have conducted.   


Pay It Forward workshops are a little more intimate and hands-on than keynote sessions.  The workshop will be built to fit your needs and can last from 30 minutes to an entire day. These types of sessions are great for building team cohesiveness and inspiring group motivation. Contact me today to discuss booking information and how I can help you.