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Saw a lot of the undeveloped world, finished grad school, fought in a war, got married, taught drawing at the Univ of Iowa, moved 4 times, collecting Roman coins, ebay, got 2 dogs, learned to play poker, draw alot, worked for a souless corporation, periods of unemployment, watched Laur go through vet school, created a book on called "How to draw pictures in Kandahar Pretext No. 1", was a visiting artist at VCU, learned how to make webpage on googlepages, moved to Long Island, Laur is a veterinarian now, started teaching at Adelphi Univ, blogging at:


Kandahar, Afghanistan


I finished grad school at the University of Iowa, fought in Kandahar Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, lived in the Caribbean with my wife Laurie while she was at St. George's Veterinary school, and got to be part of an awesome art group Paintallica.  I am teaching at Adelphi University, which  I like very much.  I was included in a British anthology of the independent press called zinearcade.




I earned a Combat Infantry Man's badge while in Afghanistan, and got to see a part of the world and a culture that not that many westerners have had the privillege of experiencing.  I was a machine gunner in convoys.

While I was in Afghanistan I kept journals, and people seem to enjoy getting to see a different perspective when I show them my journals.

The people around me are inspirational too.

My friend Dan Attoe is making amazing art, and is represented by Peres Projects.  A bunch of my friends became professors all over the United States, including Jamie Boling and Cece Cole who both taught for two years at VCU in Richmond Virginia.  VCU is an awesome art school, I was really impressed with their facilities and students.

Josh Podoll has his own clothing line with his wife, Lauren, and shows at Feature Inc. 


 Raleigh, NC


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