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Please peruse at your leisure, this fellow is a daydreamer


  New painting, from October 2007, for a show at Transmission gallery in Richmond Virginia



this is a love painting



searching for something here


painting about how unbalanced I feel after coming home from Afghanistan



Roman emperors and empresses



Tracing my thoughts, and drifting in and out



An earlier painting from grad school in Iowa, it is Johnny Cash and Napolean pleading for a little affection



Drawing of Laurie



This was a great image I found, and then drew a picture in my journal



A little kid I gave M&Ms and money too in Afghanistan, I wake up in the middle of the night worrying if she's ok.  That's her baby brother with a stick of gum



Scarlett Johansson is the best movie star



I drew this in my journal while waiting in Kandahar for the plane back to the US



I drew this on the plane ride from Maine to Texas on the way home.  It was from a postcard I purchased in the Maine airport



This is a drawing I made for issue 1










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