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                     Back in the USA                                   Waiting in Kandahar to go Home                 Scarlett Johansson


       Journal Entry                                     Zatchula by the Front Gate                                   Laurie on Leave


         Space Spirit                                                         Laur                                                             Laur with a Manatee


     My Friend Asadullah                                              Bacha Khan                                                    Houses in Kandahar


         Spin Boldack                                    Rooftop Guards                                             RPG Man


                 History One                                                             History Two


                    Detail, History Two                                          Detail, History Two                                            Constans 


                Alexander the Great                                       Post it Note: The Unfortunate Boy(s)                                      


            My Ego Emerges as a Child                             Man Talking with Grass                Dangerous Cartoon Land


           Cartoon Duck                                Self-portrait as a Cartoon                           The Bird Talks in Color


   Thinking Map, 5x3'               Star Twins, 10x6"                                                       Shaker Collage, 33x17"


         Bird with Interns and Monster, 8.5x11"           Interior Landscape 18x23"                        Girl     15x10"


   Jamie's Class Fig Drw, 8.5x11"                                    Muji Notebook 1, 4x6"                       Muji Notebook 2, 4x6"


Saint Christopher, 6x4"                   Laurie Reading at Fire Island Beach House, 6x4"


 persécution de l'oiseau estropié 18 x 22"                                                          Interior Life, 16x20"

                  Animals 10 x 8"                                                                                                 Bird and Grass  36 x 24"