Don't Fear the "F" Word! Conquer your fear of spreadsheet "F"unctions and get hands-on practice combining text functions into handy formulas that can be time-savers for any teacher. No spreadsheet experience required! 



While this area of this site will provide some information about various formulas and functions, the meat of this session will be done using a shared Google Spreadsheet workbook . Save a copy of the spreadsheet to your Google Drive so you can practice editing the material during the session.

The workbook has two worksheets. 
  • The first sheet is where you can enter sample text.
  • The second sheet contains various functions and formulas to be applied to the text on the first sheet. It may need to be REFRESHED in order for changes made on the the first sheet to become visible on the second sheet.
  • The third sheet is not really about functions but will show some conditional formatting information.
  • The fourth sheet, if we have time, will cover a couple of other useful functions.