ErgTracker Beta 2B

Welcome to Jon Sun’s ErgTracker!  This program was developed  as a helpful product for rowers and coaches to track their workouts.  My program unifies an advanced calculator that adjusts watts, split, meters, and time according to each other with a date-based workout tracker that allows rowers to easily organize their workouts by date.  ErgTracker is open source and free for distribution and modification under the GNU Public License.

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Welcome ACRA members!

More information on the math/physics behind rowing is available at:

Recent Changes:

  • Beta 2B released with major changes!
    • A new Workout Search Panel allows users to easily search through all their workouts and intervals
    • Input fields now clear when switching intervals/rowers
    • The Workout Buttons scroller now resizes automatically to fit all the buttons

Future features list:
  • Automatically display a rower’s “best 2k” time, “best 5k” time, etc.
  • Separate panel for pure rowing-oriented calculations
  • Completely overhaul window graphics with custom skin
  • Allow swapping between metric/customary units
  • Online uploading and downloading of workouts
  • Separate Coach’s Edition to track a team of rowers
  • Possible iPhone app

Java 5 or higher is required to run ErgTracker.

*USC rowing at the crack of dawn*