5/14/2018 -- JSomega updated. Click here to play it in your web browser (opens new tab on github).

4/6/2018 -- NDSMoria updated with a larger font. Old saved game files are not compatible with this version.

3/27/2018 -- NDSMoria released.

11/23/2017 -- All Roguelikes for Windows now feature mouse click movement, a command and inventory menu (right click on client area), and a save warning when closing window. Toggle fullscreen with F11.

If you're playing in a web browser and need to zoom the page or go fullscreen, you must refresh the page afterwards for the game to display properly. Save first by pressing the appropriate key ('S' for Rogue, TileRogue, Hack and Larn; 'R' for MAG; F9 for Moria).

All web browser games were compiled from C to Javascript using emscripten.

Unpack zip and 7z archives with 7-Zip.

Please note that ClamAV reports potentially unwanted application (PUA) false positive for Windows versions. PUA scanning can be turned off in ClamAV options, at your own risk. Browser versions are unaffected.

Roguelike playthroughs on YouTube




Photo gallery of Star Wars vehicles.

Computer board games

Each archive contains a Windows binary and source.



Game documents

Formatted PDFs of game manuals and hint books from the 1980s and 90s.