Recent Updates

9/23/2015 — JS Hack updated.
10/6/2015 — SDL Hack Windows binary and source updated.
1/26/2016 — Moria updated.
6/7/2016 — JS Rogue updated.

Here are some paper models I made for Star Wars Day.

I created the following PDFs of various game documentation using LibreOffice's export to PDF feature.
Text was OCR'd from scans using an online converter. Illustrations were edited in Photoshop Elements 13.

Download here.

Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide
Companions of Xanth - Hint Book, Manual
Death Gate - Hint Book, Manual, Story
Dunjonquest - Curse of Ra, Danger in Drindisti, Datestones of Ryn, Gateway to Apshai (C64),
         Hellfire Warrior, Keys of Acheron, Morloc's Tower, Sorcerer of Siva, Temple of Apshai,
         Upper Reaches of Apshai
Eric the Unready - Hint Book, Manual
Gateway - Hint Book, Manual
Gateway II HOMEWORLD - Hint Book, Manual
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Hint Book, Manual
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Diary, Hint Book, Manual, Translation Table
Maniac Mansion - Board, Cover, Door Codes, Hint Book, Manual
Monkey Island 2 - Hint Book, Manual
Pirates! - Broadsheet, Manual
Secret of Monkey Island - Hint Book, Manual
Spellcasting 101 - Hint Book, Manual, Map, Registration Form
Spellcasting 201 - Beginning Moodhorn, Hint Book, Manual, Map, Registration Form
Spellcasting 301 - Hint Book, Insert Back, Insert Front, Manual
Superhero League of Hoboken - Manual
TIMEQUEST - Hint Book, Manual, Mission Briefing, INTERKRON Trouble Shooting Guide
Ultima I - Box Back, Manual, Player Reference Card (C64)
Ultima II - Box Back, Manual, Player Reference Guide, Quickstart (C64)
Ultima III - Ancient Liturgy of Truth, Book of Amber Runes, Book of Play, Box Back,
         Player Reference Card (C64), Secrets of Sosaria, Secrets Offer
Ultima IV - Book of Mystic Wisdom, Box Back, Clue Book Offer, History of Britannia,
         Player Reference Card (C64), Way of the Avatar
Ultima V - Book of Lore, Box Back, Clue Book Ad Back, Clue Book Ad Front, Journal, Paths of Destiny,
         Quick Reference Card, Reference Card (C64)
Wasteland - Getting Started (C64), Getting Started (IBM PC), Manual, Paragraphs, Survival Guide
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders - Hint Book, Manual, National Inquisitor, Visa Codes
Zork - Cavern of Doom, Conquest at Quendor, Forces of Krill, Malifestro Quest

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