Licensed Psychologist


Our Mission

Healing mind, spirit and body

by giving respectful attention and by providing psychotherapeutic

interventions to promote change,

wellness and wholeness.


Transition to a healthier, happier place.


In a very private setting, services are offered for:

*        depression

*        anxiety  

*        couple and family therapy

*        pre-marital and marital therapy

*        psychological testing and assessments

*        group therapy

*        domestic violence

*        sexual abuse

*        obsessive compulsive disorder

*        panic and phobias

*        ADD and ADHD

*        geriatric challenges

*        post-traumatic stress

*        infertility, pregnancy, miscarriage

*        grief and loss

*        adjustment and coping

*        smoking cessation

*        stress management

*        healthy at every weight

*        sexual identity, sexuality

*        school/behavior

*        sleep disorders

*        cancer survival

*        cultural/race relations

*        work-place issues

*        eating disorders