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Online Teaching

Utilization of Constructivist Practices in Online Instruction:

What fundamental tenets of educational epistemology are used to guide the creation of online learning experiences? Online teaching most closely reflects the philosophies of Wenger and Vygotsky, which is constructivist in nature. Constructivist techniques can be utilized to enhance knowledge construction and increase learner self-sufficiency in distance learning courses. Through a review of current educational research, this paper explores the advantages, impact, and consequences of utilizing principles of constructivism to enhance critical thinking skills of students in online learning programs. This paper endeavors to define constructivist theory as well as explore current brain research as it applies to constructivist theory and learning. Additionally, application of constructivist theory to the higher education online learning environment will be investigated. 

Research Questions?

How does constructivism apply to online teaching?

What is the current brain research concerning utilization of constructivism in online learning?

What constructivist strategies are online teachers using?

Online Learning

A Look at Student Engagement in Online Higher Education 

Research Questions?
What are the issues with student engagement?
How does the literature define student engagement in online learning?
How do Web 2.0 Learning Tools in Online Higher Education affect student engagement?