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A podcast is an audio or video file archived on the Internet in such a way that it can be automatically accessed by a personal computer, downloaded and transferred to a portable MP3 player.
Although the term derives from combining the terms iPod and broadcast, the technology can be utilized across Apple and PC platforms.
See Wikipedia for more information.

  1. The following video clip about "Podcasting in plain English" highlights the features of Podcasting:

YouTube Video


Innovation continues to occur on the internet at an extremely lively pace. What was once the realm of email, FTP, Gopher, and the Web is barely recognizable a decade or so later. Keeping up with the speed of innovation and maintaining a familiarity with the most recent tools and capabilities is handy in some professions and absolutely critical in others, such as in Education. This course is designed to help you understand and effectively use one of the most popular "web 2.0" technologies which is Podcasting.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for participants are:
  1. The student will gain awareness and insight into educational podcasting

  2. The student will list the necessary steps for creating a Podcast

  3. The student will describe how to create content

  4. The student will describe how to put the content online

  5. The student will describe how to make it available to potential users

  6. The student will explore ways of using podcasts as a curriculum resource and personalized learning


There will be some additional learning material, examples and assignments distributed throughout the lesson. The additional learning material and examples will help the student to understand better how to use and create Podcasts for education. The assignments will allow the students to practice the lesson by completing basic steps where they will listen to existing podcasts and create simple podcasts as well. The discussion forum (google groups site) associated to this eLearning  site will be used to provide feedback from the students and also from the instructor.