Don MacLloyd's Songs

Here are the very first songs of mine I dare to publish.

You can download and listen to them for free.
If you happen to like them, don't forget to visit my site again, I have more songs under construction.

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Enjoy !

Don MacLloyd

     WAKE UP

    Wake up and see
    sometimes the things are not as they should be
    standing in a cold wind
    or wandering around

    with a glass of Champagne

    I'd rather be over there !

    I wish I could fly high
    above your deep blue eyes
    or go so low my love
    to feel your curly hair
    trapping in my fingers

    Am I dreaming or what ?

    Could I ever whisper
    how soft is the turmoil
    of being so close to you ?
    While breathing the breath of your breath
    I wish I could write a poem
    just watching your sleep


    Shivering she comes through the night side
    of the room
    Kind of looking for a shoulder or a sigh
    to warm
    her thoughts

    Oh, you're a girl
    of soul

    She never knows whether near or far she stands
    from the realm of her dreams
    while she's humming some verses of her own
    you know

    But when she smiles
    she's a rising sun

    a rising sun

    Oh, you're a girl
    of soul