There has never been a more exciting time to be studying science! At least half of you will have jobs that don't exist now. How can you prepare for the unknown? By learning all you can right now to the best of your ability. Imagine this... You could be sitting next to someone who will cure cancer, or who will be the first person to walk on Mars, or who will design and build an underwater city. Think about it!!! Hey, maybe it's you...
Even if you're certain you will never have a career in science, you will have to understand how things work. And nothing trains your brain to solve problems like Science does (OK, I'll admit it, math helps too). So at the very least we'll be training your brain for awesomeness!

        Great work on your posters today!   I heard some interesting conversations in every class, and everyone was working diligently.  You will have more time to work on your posters on the block day, and then you'll have a chance to share your work with the class.
                   1)  If you haven't done so already, please upload your Reference page for the Clean Ocean poster sources on Turn IT In.  Use NoodleTools to make your APA citations for the online sources and books you used.  Please be sure to make a separate citation for your graphic, even if it's from a source you used for information (I'm talking about the graphic you brought in on Friday.  Any additional graphics you printed after class on Friday don't have to be cited for this assignment).  You'll find a checklist on Google Classroom.  You're welcome!    :-)
                    2) Study the info you have on water pollution; groundwater, runoff, ocean pollution.  There will be a way to show what you know on Friday!
                    3) REMINDER for those of you who still owe me work - get it in!!! Even if you only get a few points, that's better than the zero you have
                             now, right?
                    4) If you aren't happy with your last test grade, please email me to make an appointment.  Any questions will be handled, and, as always,
                             there's a chance at some partial credit to repair the grade!

        There were some great conversations in class today!  You're becoming a very aware group of young people!  Some of you have already talked about the ways you are taking your knowledge and putting it into action.  Way to go, people!!!  I've heard things like:
                Reducing the use of single-use plastics
                Recycling more
                Checking out the food you eat, and the potential presence of pollutants
            Your assignment is very simple, and many of you probably have it done already!  Write your APA formatted Reference page for the Clean Ocean poster project.  Please submit it to Turn It In by class time on Tuesday.  If you don't remember everything that goes into an APA Reference page, please go to Google Classroom. I have posted a checklist for you there.  :-)  

5/24 and 25/17
            Please find and print one graphic that applies to your topic. No larger than 1/4 of a page please, and black and white works fine.  A graphic can mean a picture, but it can also be a graph, a cool representation of a statistic, a slogan in a memorable font.  Please make a citation for the artwork on NoodleTools.  

        Thanks to all students who read and followed directions, and have already submitted their HW (write questions...)  to Google Classroom.  And thanks to all of the students who are typing their work today!
                 Tonight you will do a little online research associated with ocean pollution.  Please write at least three facts you learn on loose leaf so you can share it with your group. Bookmark your source sites, and then it would be really smart of you to make an APA citation for it right away (use NoodleTools).  Copy and paste the citation to a Google doc and save it for a later use.
                   Please go to Google Classroom where you will find your individual topic.  I have checked each and every one, and they are worded specifically so you will find useful info on the first page of your search results. You may, of course, use other sites.

            HEADS UP:
                    Exams will be here before you know it!  It's a good idea to begin studying now so you will not be stressed in the days coming up to the exams. I suggest that you memorize the terms you are supposed to know already (all of the facts, not just one!).  

        I hope you enjoyed your afternoon off yesterday!  It was a great day to be outside.  I was inside, helping to judge some capstone presentations.  They were terrific!  3 years from now, you will be doing your Capstone...
            Today in class we began using a new app, NearPod, to learn more about the specific types of ocean pollution.  We will pick up where we left off on Monday.  
                    The Scavenger Hunt you did in class yesterday was designed  to help you begin to prepare for the final exam.  When you answered your Today's Task questions, many of you made note of things you need to do to be sure you have all of the materials you need to prepare for your exam.  Tonight's HW will also help you prepare.  Write 5 questions on ocean pollution for the exam.  Three questions must be multiple choice, and 2 must be open ended.  Please submit your work on Google Classroom.  

5/16 and 17/17
                Wow, the info we learned today really makes you think, doesn't it?  Your assignment is to take one of the facts you learned and make a small poster or political cartoon about it.  Take a stand!!!  Periods 1 and 4, due Thursday. Periods 5, 7, and 8 due Friday. Here are the criteria:

                            Size -  8.5" x  11", a normal piece of paper.  Unlined, please!  I have printer paper if you need some.
                            By hand please, nothing computerized.
                            Stick figures work well! You do not have to be a good artist to do a terrific job.
                            Name, date, class period on the back please.
                            Black and white is good, and so is color!
                            Neatness, spelling and grammar all count.  Visual appeal counts.  Pencil drawings rarely earn full credit, so if 
                                you use pencil, go over  it with pen / Sharpie / markers / crayon / colored pencils.
        HEADS UP! The Binder Scavenger Hunt is Thursday, May 18.  I posted handouts on Google Classroom in case you lost some. You may also want to check out the pike of left-overs I have in my my room.                   

         HW:   Check out this article about how Pharrell is working with plastics – and you thought he was all about the music!  You do not have to print the article, but as always, take notes.

        HEADS UP! The Binder Scavenger Hunt is Thursday, May 18.  I posted handouts on Google Classroom in case you lost some. You may also want to check out the pike of left-overs I have in my my room. 

           NOTE for Periods 5 and 8: Yesterday's altered schedule put some crimps into the day!  The data for periods 5 and 8 were scheduled to automatically upload right after school, but for some reason didn't.  I'll do it again today, this time without a scheduled delay to be sure it makes it onto Classroom.  That assignment (see 5/11/17) is due on Monday.

            HW: Today in class you solved the mystery of the source arsenic contamination in groundwater.  While the story was fictionalized, this exact problem has happened all across the country.  And isn't it amazing to see that Greenwich High School has an arsenic pollution issue on campus right now!  Your assignment is to find a different current events article about any type of groundwater contamination.  The article should be recent (absolutely not more than 1 year old), and must be within the United States.  Of course, CT would be great!

Use a Google Doc or Word, and as always, begin by typing name, date, and class period.  Please copy and paste the article so you do not waste ink and paper on ads, etc.  Pictures are NOT required, but if you choose to include 1 or 2, please shrink them to no larger than 1/4 page.  At the end of the article, copy and paste the URL so I can find more about the story if I want to.  Also type a short summary of the article at the end so you will be share your story easily in class.  If you have multiple pages, be sure to staple them.

Have a great weekend! Remember the HEADS UP that was posted yesterday, 5/11/17!

            HWLook at the class data from this week’s lab posted on Google Classroom.  Why did some filters do better than others?  Look for trends, things that filters that similar ranking have in common.  Be sure to defend your opinion with data.  I am expecting a high school level work (paragraphs).  Do this work in your lab notebook.  Due Friday.
                            Today turned out to be far from usual!  Periods 4 and 5, no HW for tonight.

            HEADS UP!  
                  Check your agenda, and you will find that on Monday, May 8 I told you that there is another binder check coming, but that it's different from the ones I did earlier this year.  At those times I assessed your binder for completeness.  This time you will find out for yourself if you have everything you need.  I am doing this because final  exams are coming!  It would be good to find out now if you are missing some information, not the night before the exam, right?  So, how will this check be done?  You're going to have a Binder Scavenger Hunt !!!
                  The Hunt is planned for a week from today, May 18.  There is only one rule: you may use anything in your binder that is secured in the binder.  That means everything has to be in the sections where they belong, nothing in pockets.  Examples of the types of questions you can expect are:
                            1) On May 1 you took notes on ____ . Define this word ____ .
                            2) Look at your Waves test.  What was the correct answer to question 3? (We went over the correct answers in class.)
                            3) Look at the handout called "Waves - Review of Basic Terms."  On the last page there's a picture of what phenomenon?    
                   Soooo, if you were absent and you never did get the notes, or didn't get the correct answers on a returned test, you have time to do it!  If you lost a handout, make a copy of a friend's or ask me.