Our Home

The Front

Our house- your typical Southwest stucco and tile!  Hopefully we'll do a landscape job this fall.

The Backyard


The pool and small little patch of grass.  At least the upkeep is minimal!!

The Greatroom

 Couch from a local Mom & Pop store, chair from Walmart, brown shag rug from Target, leaning mirror from Ikea.  Small table from Hobby Lobby.  Pillows from Target and TJ Maxx, throws from Ikea, magazine basket from LNT.

Sofa table from Ikea, accessories from Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Ikea and STAR Distributing.  Lamps from Lowe's.

DIY box valences.

The other side of the great room.  The tv stand is actually a sidebar, that, book shelves and floating shelf from Ikea.  Accessories from various stores.

Shelves and tv stand from Ikea.  Green vase from Kohl's, leaf artwork is DIY, the rest of from various home decor stores.

The ledge above the tv area.  Vase from TJ Maxx, boat, balls and picture from Kirkland, plant DIY from walmart, not sure about the candlesticks.

DIY artwork.

The Kitchen / Dining

The kitchen.  Bar stools are from JoAnne's. white pottery from Home Good

 The nook/dining room/bar.  The dining table is from JC Penny's Outlet, the wine tower is from Target.  The curtains are new, from Ikea, and the new Drum pendant from CB2.  The Bamboo runner from Target is green, to match the pendant.  The artwork is DIY, I used vinyl wall decals from ETSY, painted over them in green, peeled off the decals and touched it up with white paint.  Ta da!

 The guest bath

The guest bath - Shower curtain, rugs and towels from Target.  The mirror is from Homegoods, picture and frame from Ikea.  Plant DIY from JoAnne's.

The guest bathroom and a close up of the wall- I put up textured wallpaper, painted it green, then put up a bamboo railing.

The guest room

The guest room.  The dresser was DH's- I'd like to stain it a dark chocolate color.  The bedding and curtains are from Ikea, the mirror from TJ Maxx.  The vanity desk was my Great grandmother's, it's probably around 80 years old!  The chair DH picked up on his lunch one day for $15!  It's a future project, to be painted white, maybe with purple fabric.

The office

It was hard working around all of DH's hot rod stuff, and still try to keep in modern and not cheesy!  All furniture (desks, legs, cabinet, bookshelves, floating shelves) are from Ikea.  The floating shelves i already had in birch, so I lightly sanded, primed and painted them white. 

DH collects Hot rod magazines, so I bought a ton of cheapy carboard magazine holders from Ikea, and covered them in fabric.  I just spray glued the fabric, smoothed it around the box, folded the bottom like a gift, and hot glued the fabric to the inside of the box.

DIY drapes, fabric from Home Decor Fabrics (local).


DIY corkboards from Ikea.  I painted the frames black, cut the fabric to size, spray glued it on, and pushed the edge of the fabric under the frame with a butter knife.  In between the two is a magnetic board, also from Ikea.


The chair was a CL find, for $35.  Total reno probably $50!  The chair is in the office (in place of the eliptical, which we got rid of), and I'm searching for the perfect mid-century table to go with it.

The master bedroom

This room is a work in progress.  I just got the West-elm-knock-off bedding from Target, with chocolate brown sheets.  The curtains are DIY.  The off-white Ikea now looks dingy, so I will probably recover that in cocolate brown.  Then brown throw is from Target.

The furniture is Walmart's Canopy line, I absolutely love it (especially for the price)!!!!  The mirrored lamps are from Homegoods.  I plan to make a headboard, but am undecided, but I'm leaning towards brown velvet. I am going to DIY artwork for above the bed- it will be a canvas, a chandelier painted white against a brown background.  The pillows are DIY.

The mirror is a Homegoods steal--- $25!!!

Across from the bed, the table is from Pier One, painted chocolate brown.  The mirrored jewelry box is from Target, the accessories from various stores.  The frame is from Ikea, painted white, and I added fabric to create a pin-board for jewelry.

The master bath

The master bath, rugs and curtain from Walmart, mirror from a discount home decor store in CA (can't remeber the name).  I'm not crazy about this room, I'm thinking of painting a dark teal color to go better with the bedroom.