Dongye Tony Zhang

This is Dongye (Tony) Zhang from the BME department of Stony Brook University. My research interest has a wide spectrum ranging from the technology-assisted rehabilitation for individuals with neurological disorders, to the non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic orthopedic mechanisms that can be utilized in the treatment and prevention of disease and injury of bone tissue 
One of my research interest is rehabilitation science including motor control and FES-induced movement and exercise interventions. I did related musculoskeletal  researches during my senior year and had one paper, Research on the Rehabilitation of Muscle Function of Stroke patients Based on EEG and EMG Signals, published on one of China‘s core biomedical journals. And During my continuous study in the BME department of Cornell University, I chose Biomedical instrumentation and Rehabilitation as my specialty and fulfilled the final design project of Pediatric Head Circumference sensing device design, aiming to promote the health condition of newborn babies and toddlers.

Now I am working in the Orthopedic Research Lab with Dr. Qin at Stony Brook University studying the new therapeutic approach for the anabolic treatment of immobilization-induced osteopenia.

Disuse is a common clinical condition associated with long-term bed resting and disuse induces bone loss by increasing bone resorption and decreasing bone formation. Disuse also affects millions of patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis. Results of Scl-Ab on increasing bone mass through stimulating bone formation and inhibiting bone resorption has been observed in previous animal study conducted by Amgen. Sclerostin deficiency in humans and together with data from sclerostin-knockout mice suggested that sclerostin inhibition might be an attractive approach for the development of a novel bone anabolic agent.

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