Big Data Laboratory @ Inha University


Our group aims to develop novel algorithms, data structures, models, and platforms for making sense of Big Data. Our research interests span, yet are not limited to, the general areas of data mining, databases, machine learning, and theoretical algorithms.

Basically, we focus on boosting the scalability of tasks of mining and learning from Big Data mostly by designing new analytic algorithms or data structures that can efficiently handle the vast amounts of data. We also try to apply our analytic techniques to real world to gain some meaningful insights and actionable knowledge in practical scenario. Finally, we would be happy to implement a scalable data analytic system, by combining all our thechnologies, highly applicable to many data science problems.

In the academic perspective, we always pursue research of the highest quality in theory as well as in practice, and attempt to publish solid papers inĀ top-tier venues in the field of data mining and databases, including SIGMOD, (P)VLDB, ICDE, TODS, TKDE, SIGKDD, ICDM, NIPS, etc. For more top-tier conferences and journals, please refer to the following Google Scholar pages: Databases & Information Systems and Data Mining & Analysis.

Research Projects

At the moment, we are working on a few specific projects funded by the university and the Korean government (IITP, NRF):
  • Human Mobility Pattern Analysis using a Massive Volume of Semantic Trajectories
  • Autonomic BigData Cloud Computing: Enhancing Efficiency of BigData Processing using Various Cloud Computing Resources
  • Real-time movement data analytic technologies for enabling a fully-automated transportation service based on self-driving vehicles


We are looking for highly talented and motivated individuals who want to join our research group.
If you would like to work with us on cutting-edge research in the field of Big Data, please contact Prof. Choi by emailing your CV, hopefully with a copy of transcript and a short statement of your research interests.


Email: dchoi (at)
Tel: +82 32 860 7444
Location: Hi-Tech Center 1414 (Big Data Lab.)

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