Dongsik Lim

Assistant Professor
Department of English Education
Hongik University
94 Wausan-Ro, Mapo-Gu
Seoul, South Korea 121-791

Contact: don$gsi&k.l*im@gm? (delete all non-alphabetical characters except dots and @)

Chomsky Number: at most 4 (N. Chomsky - M. Halle - J.-R. Vergnaud - M.-L. Zubizarreta - me)
Erdös Number: at most 8 (P. Erdös - I. Niven - S. Eilenberg - M.-P. Schützenberger - N. Chomsky ...)


Courses in this semester (click the title of each course for the syllabus)

Hongik University (Department of English Education)
 * 053206: `English Reading' (Undergraduate)
 * 262605: `English Syntax' (Undergraduate)