Quantum control & computational intelligence group led by Dr Daoyi Dong is located at the School of Engineering and Information Technology, University of New South Wales, Canberra, Australia.

Team Photon (from left to right: Ms Elyssa Xiang, Ms Chao Wang, Mr Wei Zhang, Ms Qi Yu, Dr Yu Pan, Dr Daoyi Dong, Dr Shi Wang, Dr Chuancun Shu, Dr Qing Gao)

Quantum Control / Cybernetics

Quantum technology has witnessed rapid development in the last twenty years. It is attracting wide interest in the communities of quantum physics, molecular chemistry, information technology and engineering. The development of quantum control theory is a key task for achieving practical quantum technology. Quantum cybernetics involves interdisciplinary investigation on quantum control and its applications to quantum computation, quantum communication, and quantum metrology. Our team will focus on relevant topics of quantum control and quantum cybernetics, and advance new knowledge, present efficient algorithms and provide innovative solutions in the emerging research area.

Computational Intelligence

Computational intelligence has shown powerful capability to improve our lives. One interest of our team is to develop efficient intelligent learning algorithms and explore their applications. Some examples of algorithms include quantum reinforcement learning algorithm, probabilistic Q-learning algorithm, and differential evolution algorithm. Several examples for applications include learning control and robust control design of quantum systems, planning of intelligent warehouses, and adaptive quantum parameter estimation.