Art from Capoeira Mandinga

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Written Art 


Indio's Med Assoc Article

Press Democrat 2001

(link to Mestre's Songs/lyrics)

Drawn Art  China's work, Pintura's work

Berimbau & Gourd art

Picture Art

 (link to our scans of kids work

Video Art

Capoeira Vids

Related Vids

Sculpture and Textile

Sculpted Art (VAGUINHO)

Music Art 

(link to tidbits of recorded songs mestre


to museums  capoeira art sources

See our art. Hear our art. Feel our art. Capoeiristas are artists from the soul out.

Capoeira Mandinga Santa Rosa is enthusiastically dedicated to promote the living art form of Capoeira. Its deep and rich history not only spans centuries and continents, but cultivates and inspires our present day lives. It makes transparent our struggle with oppression both from within and outside. Visit the shell here or come see us live in class!

HIp Hop and Related Dance

Other Capoeira Like Dances

 Recent Additions:

1/7/08 Page created

uploaded china's work

uploaded pintura's links

uploaded vaginho's link

seach for artistic youtube content: chimp and dro's