Our Grupo

Capoeira Mandinga Santa Rosa is a group of people of all ages interested in learning the dance fight art of Capoeira.  We focus on training and playing just as intensely as we value our friendships found in capoeira and elsewhere.  We are all about learning whatever we can that has to do with capoeira--the swing and style of the movements, the music, the history, the other related dances, the myths and legends.  Our group is supervised by Mestre Marcelo, and is currently instructed by Contra Mestre Indio.

Our Classes

Our Community Work

We are currently seeking funding and donations to help us build an afterschool program aimed at pairing extra-curricular acheivement in capoeira with academic excellence.  Our dream is to have a program that provides both instruction in capoeira and a place for academic growth through mentoring and tutoring.