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May 2021

PORT LABELLE, FL. -- At approximately 3:20 pm, May 6 Hendry County Sheriffs Telecommunication Center received a report of a plane crash.

Hendry County First Responders arrived on scene to find a twin engine Piper Aerostar 600 crashed, approximately 40 yards from the Good Shepard Episcopal Church on Collingwood Parkway in Port LaBelle.

Two individuals were found aboard the plane, one later found to be deceased. The other person was transported for medical care.

The LaBelle Municipal Airport is about 3 miles southwest of the crash site.  On the airport is Mullens Aviation, LLC, a facility owned by James J. Mullens, specializing in Piper Aerostar maintenance and repair. The company received a $26,250 government sponsored Payroll Protection loan last year to protect three jobs

The crashed plane was registered in Canada. James Mullens, 63 was reportedly the injured person in the aircraft.

It is unknown at this time the cause of the crash and the FAA has been notified and will be responding to the scene.

Traffic was being rerouted east down SR80 to Birchwood Parkway to travel to homes in the Port LaBelle Unit 4 subdivision adjacent to the church.

UPDATE: Government investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board started looking at the crash scene Friday morning. It appears the plane clipped a tree on the southeast corner of the church property and then flying westerly, crashed into a clump of trees at the church's memorial garden.

Unrelated to the crash, a Piper Aerostar 601, one of several planes owned by Mullens Aviation was in Nassau, the Bahama Islands today having flown from LaBelle earler.

Alden A. Rumfelt, Attorney At Law
135 Riverbend Drive
LaBelle, Fl 33935
Phone (863) 673-0251 email

Clewiston Pawn
Clewiston Pawn, Inc.
202 E. Ventura Avenue
Clewiston, Fl. 33440
(863) 983-7330

Young Pearson Jr. Lawn Service 
Clewiston, Moore Haven, Belle Glade and LaBelle
Licensed Mowing Contractor
416 East Ventura Avenue
Clewiston Fl. 33440
Phone (863) 233-9541

Kiwanis Club Of LaBelle The Kiwanis Club of LaBelle is proud to sponsor three Service Leadership Programs

Website for Kiwanis:

KEY Club                 LaBelle High School- Sponsor, Tracy Nobles

Builder's Club        West Glades School - Sponsor, Doreen Backes

AKTION Club       LaBelle - Sponsor, Martha Stephens

Captain Quick Lube, LLC 
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Ram's Used Tires
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  • Bill Neville
    Mama Mia
  • Commentary by T. W. Bill Neville

It was the July 4th weekend in 1974 and my “Beautiful Betty” wife and I were in Jamaica for the first time celebrating our twenty fifth Wedding anniversary with our Cuban DR. and his Scottish wife who were regulars in Ocho Ros Jamaica. It was there that we met “Momma Mia” and her families who welcomed us into what they called the “JULY” club. They all hailed from New Jersey and New York and some American Jamaica residents.

We had just buried my Father, with funerals in California and final interment in Indiana. Whether it was all the stress of this or not, my wife came down with Phlebitis and If it hadn’t been for our Dr. going to Jamaica with us she we would not have gone. She always never let illness keep her down and she turned out to be a star attraction with the “natives” who refered to her as the “Lady with the sick leg” and carried her to and from the beach and made sure her “rum” punch glass never ran dry, with snacks and meals galore. Not to be denied, she was up and starring on the dance floor 3 nights after we arrived, bandaged leg and ALL!!

This is the same “LOVELY” lady who, at 5ft tall & 100lbs. delivered FIVE bouncing BOYS in a span of 9 years. The “original” Momma Mia dubbed Betty “Momma Mia” 2 and their friendship was sealed. We, and all our boys and their families continued our visits to Jamaica for 10 years until political insurrections made it too dangerous. The “Momma Mia” title stuck and OUR “Beautiful Betty” took her “title” with her when she died at age 86 yrs. In June of 2015.

GOD BLESS!!! ALL MOTHERS!!! My “MOTHER”, Born 1906—Died 1969, orphaned when she was 10 years old and she & 2 younger brothers put in an orphan’s home until warded out when she was 16. Although I didn’t know IT, she really was MY “Momma Mia”, sans the “July Club” and Jamaica.

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LaBelle's "lifecasting" video page attracted viewers from all around the world, even a surprise visit from a French man who was climbing Mournt Everest, the world's highest mountain.  A map on the webcast's page showed from where the visitors were coming.

Today, newer technology has arrived for live webcam broadcasting including Google's "Hangouts On The Air" which incorporates live YouTube broadcasting. Don has been making live webcast in recent months with up to 10 simultaneous webcasters broadcasting live on his YouTube channel. One of the test broadcasts from 2012 is a 4 hour long YouTube Live broadcasts with 10 people.
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Orlando,(Fl.) Sentinel YouTube Video About Don Browne and Florida's Live Video Bloggers

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