Marion's Attic - Old Time Music Show

Original Music Recordings from 1890 to the 1920s Played On Antique Phonographs

Welcome to Marion's Attic. My name is Marion Webster, and I have a old time music radio show that I would like you to hear. It features music and stories of long ago,music recorded on cylinders from the 1890s and old 78 rpm records until the 1920s.

Listen to WBCQ, the Planet, on 7.490 MHz at 5:00 PM Eastern Time every Sunday. (Editor's note: After more than a decade of broadcasting on 7.415 Mhz, WBCQ has changed frequencies to 7.490, where Marion's show can now be heard, as well as all other WBCQ shortwave programs) LIsten on your computer or smart phone here: Streaming Online Link every Sunday.

My show features recorded music with the original records from the 1890's to the early 1930's. The theme of the show varies each week. One week may feature early brown wax cylinders and another week may have 20's dance music. Two-minute wax, Blue Amberols, and Diamond Disc Recreations are featured frequently.

Marion's Attic has been on WBCQ, the Planet, since September 21, 1999. Since I had thousands of records, and no one to share them with. WBCQ was less than a year old then and had established itself as a trend setter. I was lucky enough to be on the right station at the right time.

On January 28, 2018 Marion's Attic featured in show number 700 some very rare Concert Cylinders from about 1895 to 1901. These five inch diameter cylinders from Edison, Columbia and London  were played by Marion and Khristina on an original 1900 Columbia Graphophone AG from the era.

Oh brother, did I start out in a difficult time slot (Tuesdays at 4:30 Eastern for one half hour)! I was sandwiched between a "Far Right Winger" and an "Evangelist." Despite this, my program generated some very gratifying listener mail. My half-hour shows gave me the experience I needed to produce an hour show. On April 1, 2000, I premiered on the big broadcast night of Saturday at 9 PM on 7.415 MHz. What a great night it was listening to WBCQ and magic was in the air. The fan mail from that night was wonderful. My fans are ages 9 to 90; people from all walks of life and of many professions. I am honored by their loyalty. 

I received the ultimate compliment with Tasha Femkins' very first broadcast which aired after my program on the night of June 15, 2000. She had a special segment on Michael Ketter's HERE NOW program called MAGIC RADIO. It featured a radio biography of The LIFE & TIMES of MARION WEBSTER. It also featured stars such as Rod Serling, Jack Webb, William Shatner, Jimmy Stewart, and a host of others. It was an incredible broadcast that left everyone that I knew in stitches. My hat's off to Complex Variable Studios.

Besides my incredible fans, my show occasionally features special guests. If you are lucky, you may hear Baron von Knight, a prestigious phonograph and record collector. He may arrive in his helicopter or Aston-Martin. His contributions are invaluable. Also, we have guests from other countries such as Michael from Kempen, Germany, and Scott Hadley from Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. You never know what language Marion's Attic will be in. Music is what ties our World together.

I am mostly a staff of one, but my program wouldn't be possible, most nights, without the help of my faithful friend, Kristina. She is one of the few people who can put up with me! She is very patient and understanding. We have fun together picking out records and reading the fan mail. Even Electra, the cat, gets fan mail. Twice so far, Electra has decided she didn't like the selection I was playing and stopped the record. What a critic! (Electra passed away in late September 2014. R.I.P.)

I record my program each week up in my attic using the most simple recording equipment and the original phonographs. The machines that I use are as follows:

1898 Edison Home phonograph for brown wax cylinders
1900 Columbia Graphophone AG for Concert Cylinders
1908 Edison Standard Model D phonograph for 2 & 4 minute wax cylinders
1913 Edison Amberola V phonograph for Blue Amberol cylinders
1923 Edison London Upright phonograph for Diamond Discs
1965 Gerrard electronic turntable for 78 rpm records

I love to hear from my listeners. If you hear my program, and like it, please tell me. I have an e-mail address: If you wish, you may write to me at my postal address:

Marion's Attic
P.O. Box 583
Coventry, CT 06238

If you have any questions, I can answer them via e-mail or on the air!

Hear a few samples of Marion's Attic radio programs recorded by Don Browne: (July 2010 with 3D photo demo) (July 2010) (June 2010)

The show information about Marion's Attic appears courtesy of and WBCQ shortwave radio

Note: Marion announced on her show on May 2, 2010 that the Marion's Attic Old Time Radio Show will be ending in six months. The last show was to be October 31, 2010. But, fortunately for listener fans, on July 25, 2010 it was announced that because of donations received the show would continue indefinitely and it's still going strong with over 600 episodes now. Marion's theme song at the beginning of each show is An Arkansas Husking Bee, one of the finer songs recorded by the Columbia Phonograph Co. around 1904.

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