3-D Photography

Virtual Reality -Tarpon Lodge Marina

VR, 3-Dimensional (3D) Stereographic Photography by Don Browne, LaBelle, Florida. 
3-D video and  Virtual Reality (VR) photographs including live 3-D are showing up on the internet everyday. In addition to the popular 3-D theater movies, commercials, and games, there are thousands of 3-D videos and Virtual Reality photos now on YouTube and many thousands of VR and stereo 3D photographs online. 

At top is a 360 degree VR photo of the Tarpn Lodge and Marina at Pineland, Florida on Pine Island. It can be scrolled to see around the entire view of the marina and the lodge.

Here's some examples of what 3D looks like using red/cyan anaglyph and parallel side-by-side viewing methods.(3-D stereo example. Earth and 2 satellites are shown flying above the concave 'stereo' background. Use red/cyan glasses to see)

The 3D photographs shown below are taken with a Minoru 3D webcam, the world's first consumer 3D webcam. The camera has two Vimicro cameras spaced 2.5 inches apart, the same distance as human eyes, simulating depth perception the human brain interprets as each eye views a subject from a slightly different angle.

How To See 3-D:
To see the 3D effect of anaglyph photos here you must use red/cyan glasses which are available for purchase online for about $3.50 each.. These glasses can be used on any 3-D anaglyph video or photograph that use red/cyan filters. 

Viewing without glasses
: To see side-by-side photos you can learn to freeview them either in parallel or cross-eyed mode.  Parallel viewing requires relaxing eyes so your left eye sees the left photo and right eye the right. Cross eyed viewing means the left eye sees the right photo and right eye sees the left photo.  It is usually best to move in close at first, about 6 to 9 inches from screen, and to use a small 3-D image like below. If you can reduce the size of a side-by-side 3-D photo is does make it easier to see at first, and then you can gradually move back from the screen.

Seeing 3-D On YouTube: The world's most popular video site has thousands of 3-D videos available in all viewing formats. And recently, YouTube has added a drop down menu available to video channel owners to make it possible to choose one of ten favorite formats to view the video and even change the format on the fly while watching.

How To Watch 3D - No Glasses Needed

Michael Jackson's
"This Is It" was featured on the January 31, 2010 Grammy Awards in anaglyph 3D (using red/blue glasses).

More Viewing without 3-D glasses tips:

Watch the video at left for how to watch 3D without glasses!
I personally prefer the parallel mode side-by-side mode instead of the cross-eyed method, as there is no eye strain because you are merely relaxing your eyes as if looking out in the distance, or ''through" the computer screen. 

I find a good way to begin is to move about 6 inches from the screen, relax your eyes as if looking at a distance, at that point a third picture will appear clearly in the middle in full 3-dimensional depth. 

This will take some practice, but once learned is then very easy to do. 
More stereo 3-D videos from Don's YouTube Channel 
World's Best 3-D Photographs I've Discovered On Flickr 

Below are a few samples using parallel 3D viewing and regular red/cyan anaglyph 3D, including a video.

Practice Parallel 3-D Viewing With These
(courtesy Greg Erker - for excellent instructions on how to free view 3-D)

3-D Photo Gallery - photos by Don Browne using a Minoru 3D webcam
(parallel viewing and red/cyan anaglyph)


Cat Video In 3D


More stereo 3-D videos from Don's YouTube Library and an excellent anaglyph demonstration video from my Twitch.tv video channel.

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