Impaired Risk Quote

We can often find coverage for your clients who may have been rated or
declined elsewhere.   The company and ratings will vary with each client
and his/her impairment(s).   Please complete the form below and let us
see what we can find for your client.
Please tell us as possible about your prospect in the notes section.

Asthma – STANDARD!

Atrial Fib – STANDARD!

Blood Pressure – PREFERRED!

Build Problems – Liberal Height and Weight Requirements

Cholesterol (controlled) – PREFERRED PLUS!

Cigar Smokers – Standard NON Tobacco Rates

Commercial Pilots – Preferred PLUS Rates

Crohns Disease – STANDARD!

Depression – PREFERRED!

Diabetes – STANDARD!

Heart Disease – STANDARD!

Hepatitis – STANDARD!

Casual Marijuana Use – Standard NON Tobacco

Private Pilots – Preferred Rates

Prostate Cancer – STANDARD!

Nicotine Patches – Standard NON Tobacco Rates

NON Smoker Rates after 12 Months for Cigarette Smokers

PREFERRED NON Smoker Rates after 24 Months for Cigarette Smokers

Scuba Divers – up to 100 feet – PREFERRED!

Sleep Apnea – PREFERRED!

Tobacco Chewers – Standard NON Tobacco Rates

Tobacco Dippers – Standard NON Tobacco Rates

Systemic Lupus Erythematous – Table 2

Valve Disease – PREFERRED!

$400,000 Term NO Exam (Oral Swab Only)

$250,000 Term or UL NO Exam

Easy Issue Term Life (4 Question App)