Case Studies

We can often find coverage for your clients who may have been declined elsewhere.   The company and ratings will vary with each client and his/her impairment(s).

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Impaired Risk Cases

Asthma – STANDARD!

Atrial Fib – STANDARD!

Blood Pressure – PREFERRED!

Build Problems – Liberal Height and Weight Requirements

Both parents died of cancer prior to age 60.  We issued Preferred Plus

Cholesterol (controlled) – PREFERRED PLUS!

Cigar Smokers – Standard NON Tobacco Rates

Commercial Pilots – Preferred PLUS Rates

Crohns Disease – STANDARD!

Depression – PREFERRED!

Diabetes – STANDARD!

Heart Disease – STANDARD!

Hepatitis – STANDARD!

Casual Marijuana Use – Standard NON Tobacco

Pipe Smokers – Standard NON Tobacco Rates

Private Pilots – Preferred Rates

Prostate Cancer – STANDARD!

Nicotine Patches – Standard NON Tobacco Rates

NON Smoker Rates after 12 Months for Cigarette Smokers

Mood Disorders – PREFERRED!

PREFERRED NON Smoker Rates after 24 Months for Cigarette Smokers

Scuba Divers – up to 100 feet – PREFERRED!

Sleep Apnea – PREFERRED!

Tobacco Chewers – Standard NON Tobacco Rates

Tobacco Dippers – Standard NON Tobacco Rates

Systemic Lupus Erythematous – Table 2

Valve Disease – PREFERRED!

Table 4 – STANDARD – Term and Universal Life!

$400,000 Term NO Exam (Oral Swab Only)

$250,000 Term or UL NO Exam