When you have a client with a particular need, you need more than just a quote, you need a solution. A solution that when presented is exactly what they need.   We offer solutions, and solutions are designed based on each case. The perfect solution comes from extensive knowledge and research - and that's where we come in.

When we provide you with illustrations you can feel confident that it is the solution your client is looking for.  Our illustrations are backed by industry knowledge and experience -
we are here to assist you in writing more business.   And, it's not just about the illustration, getting each case issued is equally important - we are here to help with the application process all the way through policy issue to ensure you get paid.   So, when you call us, you can be confident you are getting ALL of the support you need to write your next case.

Founded in 1967, Don Boozer & Associates has a long and proud history of serving the needs of professional life insurance agents nationwide. We were originally founded as a retail center for the sale of life and health insurance products to individuals and businesses. However, as the years passed, we found that we were able to enlist other agents in our sales process and thereby offer more products and services to our clients. Over the next 30+ years, our business morphed into the national marketing office that we are today.
Don Boozer is a founding member and Vice President of NBC National Marketing, nationwide brokerage organization. Through this affiliation, we are able to provide you with virtually any life or annuity product that is offered today. Our companies are all top rated and nationally recognized. NBCNM has over 30,000 agents in every state in the union. The clout afforded by this group enables us to offer you the TOP commissions on the TOP products offered by the TOP companies in the United States.

Give us the opportunity to serve your product and service needs. Our motto is very simple; "We don't get paid until you do - we call that incentive."

- Don Boozer

Don Boozer

Don entered the life insurance industry in 1967 as a rate book carrying agent for Fidelity Life Insurance Company. Two years later, he established The Don Boozer Agency – the forerunner of Don Boozer & Associates.

Don Boozer & Associates serves the needs of 1500+ agents nationwide and provides the products offered by a baker’s dozen of the industry’s leading companies.

During the past 45+ years, Don has served as president of his local life underwriters association, his state life underwriters association, the National Brokerage Consortium and of course, Don Boozer & Associates.

Don has been married to Susan, his childhood sweetheart for 53 years and has two kids, 4 grandkids, 4 great-grandkids, a border collie named Jake Blues and a rescue labrador named Little Andy.

D. Lane Boozer II, LUTCF

Lane joined our team in 1998. He is our product specialist and can help you fine tune the exact product to meet the needs of your clients. Lane is also our technology guru and can answer most of your questions about the company illustration systems.

Soft spoken and affable, Lane has developed an excellent relationship with most of our producers and is their “go to” guy for product and marketing questions.

Lane conducts sales seminars across the State of Texas and is a noted speaker for the Local NAIFA chapters. Lane has served on the board of trustees of the
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors - Texas since 2003. He is currently serving as President of NAIFA Texas.

Lane is a 1992 graduate of Texas A&M University.  Lane has a lovely daughter, Addison, age 17, and two big friendly dogs.